Yallahs, a town on the southeastern coast of Jamaica in the parish of St Thomas, is home to approximately 10,000 residents. The city, which was documented as “Yealoth” in a 1662 census, may have derived its name from Captain Yallahs, a privateer from 1671, or vice versa. Another theory suggests that the name Yallahs could have originated from the Spanish word ‘yalos’, which means frost, as the high white cliffs in the area might give an impression of frost.

Yallahs is located in Jamaica
Coordinates: 17°53′00″N 76°35′41″W / 17.8832195°N 76.5947914°W / 17.8832195; -76.5947914
ParishSt Thomas
 • CouncillorMaud Turgott
 • MayorHanif Brown Sr.
 • Member Of ParliamentJames Robertson
 • City7 641
 • Metro
10 274
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code+1876

As one of the main towns in St Thomas, Yallahs transforms from a bustling urban center during the day to a relaxed yet vibrant scene at night, with streets lined with pan-chicken stalls and small pubs filled with patrons enjoying reggae music.

One of the town’s most intriguing features are the twin salt ponds located just outside the town center. These ponds, once a significant source of salt for the region, are believed to have formed during the 1692 earthquake when the land beneath them sank, creating pockets of seawater almost entirely enclosed by land.

Just north of Yallahs is Easington, home to a remarkable geological formation - a sheer cliff known as Judgement Cliff that rises over a thousand feet high. This cliff serves as a stark reminder of the 1692 earthquake that devastated Port Royal.

In 1822, Yallahs was chosen as the site for the first Baptist church in Jamaica. Despite initial setbacks, Rev. Joshua Tinson succeeded in establishing both a church and a school in 1828. The Yallahs River, a vital source of fresh water for the neighboring City Of Kingston and St. Andrew, provides water to residents via the Yallahs Pipeline. The city, which hosts a variety of Christian denominations, also contributes to the mining industry through gravel extraction along the Yallahs River bank. The St. Thomas Parish Council, located in the parish’s capital town, Morant Bay, governs the city.

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The town of Yallahs is located in the southwestern section of the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica. It is made up of a collaboration of districts, communities and villages surrounding the Yallahs River Basin including:

West Of The River
East Of The River
  • Poor Man's Corner
  • Yallahs Housing Scheme 1
  • Yallahs Housing Scheme 2
  • Yallahs Housing Scheme 3
  • Heartese
  • Norris
  • Hampstead
  • Logwood
  • Montpellier
  • Newland District
  • Lloyd's Pen
  • Southaven
  • Knightsville
  • Baptist
  • Pondside (North Of The Yallahs Pond)
  • Lowden Hill (North Of The Yallahs Pond)

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