Yagua is a Venezuelan town located to the Northwest of the Valencia Lake, in the Guacara Municipality in the Carabobo State. The area corresponds to the rural parish of the same name.

Yagua church
Yagua church
Yagua is located in Venezuela
Location in Venezuela
Coordinates: 10°15′23″N 67°54′17″W / 10.25639°N 67.90472°W / 10.25639; -67.90472
Country Venezuela
MunicipalityGuacara Municipality
Time zoneUTC−4 (VET)
Traditional Festivity of the Flowers in Yagua

In the area of Tronconero, Vigirima, there are petroglyphs made by pre-Colonial Indians.

History edit

The entire area became inhabited thousands of year ago by the Indians of the Tacarigua Lake (Valencia Lake). The town of Yagua was founded on 20 February 1694, at the same time as the city of Guacara. Until 1935 a large part of the area was property of Pimentel, a friend of dictator Juan Vicente Gómez.

Yagua became a rural parish on 27 June 1988.

Population edit

There are some 18,000 people living in the area.

Year Population
1990 10,145
1991 10,596
1992 11,057
1993 11,528
1994 12,010
1995 12,501
1996 13,002
1997 13,513
1998 14,034
1999 14,564
2000 15,103
2005 17,942 (proyección)

Población de Parroquias de Carabobo

Infrastructure edit

The second most important oil distribution centre of Venezuela is located in the outskirts of the town proper.

Yagua has an important sport centre for the area, the Centro Deportivo Yagua.