Yada'il Dharih I (Sabaean: 𐩺𐩵𐩲𐩱𐩡 𐩹𐩧𐩢  ydʿʾl ḏrḥ), son of Sumuhu'ali I was a Sabaean ruler (mukarrib). His reign is placed around 660 BC by Hermann von Wissmann and around 490-470 BC by Kenneth Kitchen.


Yada'il Dharih is known to us from building inscriptions which record his construction of various monumental buildings. His most significant building project was the Temple of Awwam, outside the gates of the capital city, Marib.[1] He also built the temple of Almaqah in the temple city of Sirwah,[2] and the sanctuary walls of the temple at Al-Masajid, 27 km south of Marib.[3] Some other inscriptions indicate his connection to a place or building named Murad.[4] An inscription which mentions the construction of a tower in Sirwah may also refer to him.[5] His son was Sumuhu'ali Yanuf III.


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Preceded by
Sumuhu'ali I
Mukrib of Sheba
660 / 490–470 BC
Succeeded by
Sumuhu'ali Yanuf III