Xuxa Park (Brazilian TV series)

Xuxa Park was a Brazilian children's television series directed by Marlene Mattos, and hosted by Xuxa Meneghel. It was aired Globo from June 4, 1994 to January 6, 2001. The show is a Brazilian version of Xuxa Park produced by Spain's Tele5 in 1992.[1]

Xuxa Park
Game show
Talk show
Based onXuxa Park, by Xuxa
Directed byMarlene Mattos
Presented byXuxa Meneghel
Roberta Richard
Mariana Richard
Paolo Pacelli
Country of originBrazil
Original languagePortuguese
No. of seasons7
Running time3 hours
Original networkGlobo TV
Original releaseJune 4, 1994 (1994-06-04) –
January 6, 2001 (2001-01-06)
Preceded byPrograma Xuxa
Followed byXuxa Hits
Related showsXuxa Park

The program marked the turn of the host to the children's public, because its previous attraction, the homonym Xuxa (1993), was dedicated to the whole family. Occupying Saturday morning, the program featured jokes, musical numbers, and cartoons. The last program was remembered for the commemoration of the day of kings exhibited on January 6, 2001, that is, the only program of the year, since it was canceled on leaving the air due to the tragic fire that occurred on January 11, 2001, when would later come to the Carnival special of that year on February 24, 2001.



Xuxa Park was hosted by Brazilian superstar Xuxa, an actress, model and singer that became wildly popular with young viewers through her hosting of many similar shows in both Spanish and Portuguese (plus a one-season attempt at breaking into the U.S. television market with a show in English). While hailed by many for her talents and her love of children, she has also been a controversial figure due to her having previously posed for a Playboy magazine centerfold and also having played a prostitute in what some categorize as a "soft porn" film. She also hosted a more adult TV show concurrent with Xuxa Park—in this show (Planeta Xuxa) she would, among other things, interview guests about their sexual habits. This history has led some to condemn her as an inappropriate role model for children.[citation needed]

The show, consisting of games and musical numbers, took place on a colorful, futuristic set full of elaborate rides and props, among which was a mechanical "spaceship" through which Xuxa would normally enter the set at the start of the show, and leave at the end.


Xuxa Park was recorded entirely in Teatro Fênix, in the neighborhood of the Jardim Botânico in Rio de Janeiro. The initial scenario housed a modern amusement park, full of lights, tunnels, spacecraft and toys that turned in all directions. Xuxa down a lift-shaped flying saucer. In the background, there was a crystal palace. In 1995, the scenarios have been modified. The Crystal Palace, however, continued to be the main reference.

In September 1999, the scenarios of Xuxa Park were redesigned, starting with the size. The program began to be recorded in Projac, in the studied area, and the whole studio space was used, leaving only small lateral access. The scene had a futuristic style and its design was based on the proximity of the new millennium.[2]


Xuxa Park was divided into eight blocks, with four hours long and with mixed games, musical numbers and cartoons. The program display time varied over the years. In January 1995, Xuxa Park began to share Saturday morning with the children's TV Colosso (1993), displayed from 10:45. In April 1995, the time has been changed to 9:50 a.m.; and in July 1996, the program was being transmitted from 9am.

The opening block Xuxa Park was dedicated to cartoons. The second block was dedicated to the games, usually competitions between boys and girls. In the third block, the Pequenas Crianças, Grandes Talentos, showed children from all over the Brazil, dancing or showing some skill. The room Xuxa Park block had the Canta, Brasil, framework in which Xuxa interviewed a Brazilian idol. Each week, the host received a guest. The fifth block was dedicated again to games, among which stood out Roleta. In the sixth and seventh blocks, the program had the Xuxa Hits, Music charts with the singers and the most played songs of the season.[3]


The cast of the program, was attended had the participation of Paquitas; the twins Roberta and Mariana Richard, the Irmãs Metralha who also had worked in other programs of the host; and Eugenio Genio (Paolo Pacelli), a new character of the program.

Flash fireEdit

The program was canceled after a tragic fire that occurred on January 11, 2001.[1]


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