Xuxa Hits

Xuxa Hits was a Brazilian music television series, hosted by Xuxa Meneghel at Globo TV, which appeared between January 8 and April 16, 1995. In fact, it was a Sunday replay of the musical scene inside Xuxa Park, in the first season of 1994, when the scenario was simple to the central title "Xuxa Park Hits". Until the end of these reruns, on April 29 of the same year, the program is again transformed into a painting of Xuxa Park.

Xuxa Hits
Xuxahits (1).jpg
Directed byMarlene Mattos
Presented byXuxa Meneghel
Country of originBrazil
Original languagePortuguese
No. of seasons1
Running timeabout 1 hours
Original networkGlobo TV
First shown inJanuary 8, 1995 (1995-01-08)
Original releaseApril 16, 1995 (1995-04-16)
Preceded byXuxa Park
Followed byPlaneta Xuxa

What was just a picture of Xuxa Park, became a success as an independent program, where Xuxa received contemporary artists, disc jockey and singers, featuring music videos. In this program, the Paquitas wore school clothes: they were the New Generation. The You Can Dance group was also part of the team at the time of the dance, and Xuxa paraded a different look every Saturday, the show was only 3 months in the air. In December 1996, at its peak, the program earned him a one-hour schedule. In April 1997 it was adapted and received the name of Planeta Xuxa, another great success of the presenter.


With the success of Xuxa Park Hits, from Xuxa Park, Globo TV decided to transform it into an independent program on Sunday afternoons under the name Xuxa Hits. During its Sunday show, the attraction counted only with reruns of some editions recorded for the Park in 1994. The intention was that after the vacations of Xuxa, the program followed in the hour with unpublished editions.[1]


The scenery was elaborate, in the center of the stage it had a catwalk with two stairs, and above the catwalk was a completely round entrance of paper where Xuxa came in, rescuing the paper that covered the entrance with the logo of the Xuxa Hits. The stage was like a set of houses, the walls were in black and gray stripes.


Dissatisfied with the program, Xuxa asked for it to be canceled. The presenter argued that making Xuxa Hits an independent program would make Xuxa Park lose the features of a variety show. With the request of Xuxa, the attraction returned to the air like painting of Xuxa Park on April 29, 1995 gaining scenery and exclusive time.


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