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Xulüquanqu (Chinese: 虛閭權渠) was a Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire. The brother and successor of the Huyandi Chanyu, he reigned from 68 to 60 BC.[1]

Xulüquanqu Chanyu
Domain and influence of the Eastern Huns
Reignc. 68–60 BC
PredecessorHuyandi Chanyu
SuccessorWoyanqudi Chanyu
DynastyModu Chanyu
FatherHulugu Chanyu

In 64 BC, the Xiongnu raided Jiaohe.[2]

Xulüquanqu died in 60 BC and was succeeded by Woyanqudi.[3]


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Preceded by Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire
68–60 BC
Succeeded by