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Woyanqudi (Chinese: 握衍朐鞮), born Tuqitang (屠耆堂), was a Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire. The successor to Xulüquanqu Chanyu, he reigned from 60 to 58 BC.

Woyanqudi Chanyu
Domain and influence of the Eastern Huns
Reignc. 60–58 BC
PredecessorXulüquanqu Chanyu
SuccessorHuhanye Chanyu
DynastyModu Chanyu

Woyanqudi was a tyrannical ruler. He killed his predecessor's supporters and dismissed his own kinsfolk. He killed himself in 58 BC and the Xiongnu split into several warring factions. By 55 BC, the two dominant factions were his sons: Huhanye Chanyu and Zhizhi Chanyu.[1]


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Preceded by Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire
60–58 BC
Succeeded by