Xu (surname 許)

Xu (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Wade–Giles: Hsü3; Jyutping: Heoi2) is a Chinese surname. In the Wade-Giles system of romanization, it is rendered as Hsu, which is commonly used in Taiwan. It is different from Xu (surname 徐), which is represented by a different character.

許姓 - 楷体.svg
Khó (Hokkien)
Heoi2 (Cantonese)
Kóu (Teochew)
Hứa (Vietnamese)
Meaningto allow
Other names
Variant form(s)Xu, Hsu (Mandarin)
Hui, Hoi, Hua (Cantonese)
Shue, Shea (Taiwanese)
Kho, Khor, Khaw, Ko (Hokkien)
Koh, Khoh, Kho (Teochew)
Hii, Hee, Hoo (Fuzhou)
Koo (Hakka)
Hy (Vietnamese)
Co, Ngo (Filipino)
Derivative(s)Heo (Korean)

Variations of 許/许 in other Chinese varieties and languagesEdit

In Cantonese, 許/许 is transcribed as Heoi in Jyutping and as Héui in Yale Romanization; customary spellings include Hui, Hoi or Hooi.

In Hokkien, 許/许 is transcribed in Pe̍h-ōe-jī as Khó͘ and in Tâi-lô as Khóo.

In Teochew, 許/许 is spelled as Kóu, and customarily as Koh, Khoh, Khor, Khaw or Ko.

In Fuzhou, 許/许 is spelled as Hii, Hee or Hoo.

In Hakka, 許/许 is spelled as Koo.

In Japanese, 許 is transliterated as Yurusu, Bakari, or Moto, and in Sino-Japanese as Kyo or Ko.

In the Yale romanization of Korean, 許 is Heo (허).

In Vietnamese, the character 許 is converted to Hứa. The Hoa people overseas Chinese of Vietnam with the surname 許/许 may have it spelled as Háior Hy when immigrating to the English-speaking World, particularly the United States. Other spellings include Hee and Hu.

In Cebuano and Tagalog, 許 is transliterated as Co and Ngo.

Origin of the surname 許/许 XǔEdit

The surname 許/许 Xǔ has multiple theories regarding its origin.

The most credible one states that the surname Xǔ originated from the feudal state of in the area of Xǔchāng, now known as Jian'an District in Xuchang City,[1] of present-day Henan, during the Zhou Dynasty.

A different theory states that the surname originated even earlier with the fabled Xǔ You (许由), a sage in the time of the fabled Emperor Yao, not to be confused with the later another Xǔ You (許攸) who was a military strategist of the warlord Yuan Shao during the late Han Dynasty period. Xǔ You's descendants carried on the surname of their famed ancestor, thereby establishing Xǔ as a surname. Later on in the history of ancient China, it became popular among scholars of the time to postulate that Xǔ You must have been the ancestor of that feudal lord whose surname was Xǔ.[citation needed]

The posterities with state as surname called Xǔ, were authentic known as Xǔ. In tale of Emperor Yao, Xǔ You posterities surname also called Xǔ. Xǔ by handing down was the person of integrity talented person of Yao and Shun time, lives in Jishan. After many years later, the posterity called this mountain as Xǔ Youshan. More than years ago activity near Yu Yingshui the basin under Jishan.[2] As there are many dialects in Chinese speaking world, there are several spellings of surname Xǔ.

People with surname 許/许 XǔEdit

  • Hsu Shu-ching, b. 1991, Taiwanese weightlifter
  • Xu Wei Zhou, b. 1994, Chinese actor, singer
  • Xu Yuan Kai, Benedict, b. 1972, System Operator for Bulletin Boards(BBS) before the internet age and builder of high-end PCs, Pioneer in Domestic Computing Hardware, Emulators and Hackintosh in Singapore.
  • Xu Shen, b. 58, Han dynasty dictionary compiler
  • Xu Shao, (許劭; 150-195), commentator
  • Xu Chu, (許褚 d. 230), Cao Wei general
  • Xu Gong (許貢; died 200), Governor of Jiang Dong during the Eastern Han
  • Lady Xu Mu, first recorded female poet in Chinese history
  • Xu Xiuzhi, b. 1880, politician
  • Xu Dishan, b. 1893, author
  • Xu Shiyou, b. 1906, Chinese general
  • Kenneth Hsu, b. 1929, scientist
  • Hsu King Shing, b.1910s–1986, Chinese footballer and manager
  • Hui Yin-fat, b. 1936, legislative council of Hong Kong (1991—1995), executive council in 1991, provisional legislative council
  • Hsu Hsin-liang, b. 1941, Taiwanese politician
  • Michael Hui, b. 1942, filmmaker
  • Ann Hui, b. 1947, Hong Kong actress, film director, film producer and occasional screenwriter
  • Samuel Hui, b. 1948, musician and actor
  • Rafael Hui Si Yan, b. 1948, GBM GBS JP, is a former Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong.
  • Benz Hui, b. 1948, Hong Kong actor worked on the TV station TVB
  • Amy Khor, b. 1958, Singapore politician and Senior Minister in government
  • Andy Hui, (許志安; b. 1967), Hong Kong singer, actor, quarter of Big Four and 1st runner up of the 5th annual New Talent Singing Awards
  • Dasmond Koh, b. 1972, radio and TV personality
  • Koh Chieng Mun, Singaporean actress
  • Xu Yinchuan, b. 1975, chess XiangQi player
  • Valen Hsu, b. 1974, singer-songwriter
  • Hsu Ming-tsai, politician
  • Xu Yuhua, b. 1976, Chinese chess grandmaster
  • Hsu Jen-hao, 2012 Taiwanese badminton player
  • Hsu Wei Lun (1978 – 2007), Taiwanese actress
  • Evonne Hsu, b. 1979, American-born Taiwanese singer
  • Peggy Hsu, b. 1981, singer-songwriter
  • Xu Binshu, b. 1988, Chinese figure skater
  • Chenyang Xu, Chinese mathematician
  • Xu Xin, b. 1990, Chinese table tennis player
  • Xu Anqi, b. 1992, Chinese épée fencer
  • Hee Yit Foong, politician
  • Feng-hsiung Hsu, computer scientist and author
  • Cho-yun Hsu, b. 1930, humanities, historian
  • Candy Hsu, b. 1998, Taiwanese actress
  • Shea Jia-dong, b. 1948, Minister of Finance of the Republic of China
  • Xu Kai (许凯; born 1995) is a Chinese actor and model
  • Xu Jiaqi (许佳琪; born 1995) is a Chinese singer, rapper, dancer and actress. Member of SNH48 and THE9
  • Xu Shihui (許世輝; born 1958) is a Chinese billionaire businessman, founder and chairman of Dali Foods Group
  • Xu Zhonglin (許仲琳; died 1560) was a Chinese writer who lived in the Ming dynasty
  • Xu You (Han dynasty) (許攸; died 204), courtesy name Ziyuan, was an adviser serving under the warlord Yuan Shao during the late Eastern Han dynasty
  • Xu Xin (table tennis) (许昕; born 1990) is a Chinese professional table tennis player ranked world No. 1 for men's singles by the International Table Tennis Federation
  • Xu Jiayin (许家印; born 9 October 1958), or Hui Ka Yan in Cantonese, is a Chinese billionaire businessman and chairman of Evergrande Group
  • Lady Xu Mu (許穆夫人; fl. 7th century BC) was a princess of the State of Wey
  • Empress Xu (Cheng) (許皇后) (personal name unknown, but likely Xu Kua [許誇]) (died 8 BC) was an empress during the Han dynasty
  • Xu Guangping (許廣平, 1898 – 1968) was a Chinese female writer
  • Xu Xuanping (許宣平; Wade–Giles: Hsü Hsüan-p'ing), was a Taoist hermit and poet of the Chinese Tang dynasty
  • Beatrice Hsu Wei-lun (Chinese:許瑋倫; 1978 – 2007 (Aged 28)) was a Taiwanese actress
  • Xu Jingcheng (許景澄; 1845 – 28 July 1900) was a Chinese diplomat and Qing politician
  • Xu Yongyue (许永跃; born 1942 in Zhenping County, Nanyang, Henan) was the Minister of State Security of the People's Republic of China
  • Xu Shiying (許世英; 1873 – 1964, also romanized as Hsu Shih-ying) was a Chinese Kuomintang politician who served as Premier
  • Xu Zhangrun (许章润; born 1962) is a Chinese jurist. He is a professor of Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law at Tsinghua University
  • Xu Yingkui (許應騤; 1830–1903[2][3]), courtesy names Jun'an (筠庵) and Changde (昌德), Qing dynasty politician who served as Viceroy of Min-Zhe
  • Xu Leiran (许磊然; 1918 - 26 June 2009) better known by her pen name Leiran, was a Chinese female translator
  • Hsu Wei-ning (許瑋甯; born 1984), also known as Tiffany Ann Hsu, is a Taiwanese actress
  • Xu Ningsheng (许宁生; born 1957) is a Chinese physicist who is the current President of Fudan University
  • Xu Jiatun (许家屯; 1916 – 2016) was a Chinese politician and dissident. He was the Chinese Communist Party secretary of Jiangsu
  • Xu Pingjun (許平君) (89 BC - 71 BC), formally Empress Gong'ai (恭哀皇后) was an empress during Han Dynasty
  • Xu Xingde (许兴德; born 1984 in Yunnan) is a Chinese race walker
  • Xu Rongmao, JP (許榮茂; born 1950), or Hui Wing Mau in Cantonese, is a Chinese-Australian entrepreneur
  • Xu Yuanchong (许渊冲; 許淵冲; 1921–2021, born in Jiangxi) was a translator, best known for translating Chinese ancient poems into English and French
  • Vivian Hoo (許嘉雯, born 1990), Malaysian badminton player
  • Xu Xing (philosopher) (許行; c. 372 – c. 289 BC) was a Chinese philosopher and one of the most notable advocates of Agriculturalism
  • Xu Shoushang (許壽裳; 1883–1948) was a Chinese writer who was one of the co-authors of the Twelve Symbols national emblem in 1912
  • Xu Liangying (许良英; born 1920 - 28 January 2013) was a Chinese physicist, translator and a historian
  • Xu Li (许莉; born 1989 in Suzhou, Anhui) is a female Chinese freestyle wrestler
  • Diana Xu Jidan (许继丹; born 1990) is a Chinese model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss China 2012
  • Xu Weizhou (许魏洲; born 1994) known internationally as Timmy Xu, is a Chinese actor and singer-songwriter
  • Xu Lianjie (許連捷; born 1953), also known as Hui Lin Chit, is a Chinese billionaire businessman, CEO of Hengan International
  • Xu Ji (許寂) (d. 936), courtesy name Xianxian (閑閑), was an official of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period state Former Shu
  • Nora Xu or Xu Naiqing (许乃蜻; born 1995 in Luoyang, Henan) is a Chinese model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as Miss Universe China in its 2014 edition
  • Xu Dishan (许地山; 許地山; pen name: Luo Huasheng (落華生); 1893 – 1941) was a Taiwan-born Chinese author, translator and folklorist
  • Xu Shen (许慎; c. 58 – c. 148 CE) was a Chinese politician, philologist, and writer of the Eastern Han Dynasty
  • Xu Guiyuan (许桂源; born 1996) is a Chinese baseball first baseman and outfielder
  • Xu Daoning (許道寧; Hsü Tao-ning) (c. 970–1051/53) was a Chinese painter of the Northern Song Dynasty
  • Sheu Yu-jer (許虞哲; 1952 – 2020) was a Taiwan politician who was the Minister of Finance
  • Xu Aimin (许爱民; born 1957) former Chinese politician who served as Vice-Chairman of Jiangxi Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference
  • Xu Jingzong (許敬宗; 592 –, 672, courtesy name Yanzu, posthumously known as Duke Gong of Gaoyang, was a Chinese cartographer, historian, and politician who served as a chancellor in the Tang dynasty
  • Sharon Hsu (許維恩; born 1981) is a Taiwanese actress and singer of Dutch descent
  • Hsu Shu-ching (許淑淨; born 1991) is a Taiwanese weightlifter
  • Amy Khor Lean Suan (许连碹; born 1958) is a Singaporean politician
  • Xu Yushi (許圉師) (died 679), formally Duke Jian of Ping'en (平恩簡公), was briefly a chancellor of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty
  • Xu Binshu (許斌姝; born 1988 in Changchun, Jilin) is a Chinese figure skater
  • Xu Hun (許渾; fl. 800s) a Tang Dynasty poet, was descended from Xu Yushi
  • Xu Haifeng (许海峰; born 1957 in Zhangzhou, Fujian) is a male Chinese pistol shooter, and the first person to win a gold medal for China in the Olympic Games
  • Hsu Chih-chieh (許智傑) Taiwanese politician who is member of the Democratic Progressive Party
  • Xu Ci (許慈; fl. third century), courtesy name Rendu, was an official and scholar of the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period of China
  • Jack Liangjie Xu (许良杰) is a Chinese software engineer, technology
  • Xu Zongheng (许宗衡; born 1955) was the mayor of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Xu Zhiyong (许志永; born 1973) is a Chinese civil rights activist and formerly a lecturer at the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications
  • Xu Jianping (許建平; 1955- 2015) was a Chinese international football player
  • Xu Guangda (许光达; 1908 – 1969) was a People's Liberation Army general who was conferred the Da Jiang (Grand General) rank in 1955
  • Cho-yun Hsu (許倬雲; born 1930) is a Chinese American historian
  • Xu Shiyou (许世友; born 1905–1985) was a general in the Chinese People's Liberation Army
  • Xu Yan (judoka) (许岩; born 1981 in Beijing) is a female Chinese judoka
  • Xu Keqiong (許可瓊) was a general of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period state Chu
  • Xu Zhihong (许智宏; born 1942) is a Chinese botanist and former President of Peking University
  • Greg Hsu (許光漢, born 1990), also known as Greg Han or Hsu Kuang-han, is a Taiwanese actor and model
  • Hsu Tzong-li (許宗力; pinyin: Xǔ Zōnglì; born 10 February 1956) is a Taiwanese judge
  • Xu Mian; born 1987 in Yangzhou) is a former female Chinese diver
  • Xu Shiyou (许世友; 1905–1985) was a general in the Chinese People's Liberation Army
  • Shue Ming-fa (許明發; born 1950), Taiwanese cyclist
  • Shue Ming-shu (許明世; born 1940), Taiwanese cyclist
  • Vivienne Shue (許慧文; born 1944), American sinologist
  • Kenneth Hsu (許靖華; born 1929, is a Chinese scientist and geologist
  • Xu Heng (許衡; 1209–1281) was a Confucianist and educator of the Yuan Dynasty in China
  • Khaw Boon Wan MP (許文遠; born 1952) is a Singaporean politician
  • Xu Jiajun (许嘉俊; born 1995) is a Chinese footballer
  • Xu Qing (许晴; born 1969), known also as Summer Qing, is a Chinese actress
  • Xu Bo (许博; born 1985 in Shenyang) is a Chinese footballer
  • Shi Wen-long or Hsu Wen-lung (許文龍; born 1928, Tainan Prefecture, Japanese-era Taiwan) a Taiwanese businessman and the founder of Chi Mei Corporation
  • Xu You (hermit) (許由)[citation needed] was a legendary Chinese recluse who lived during the reign of Emperor Yao (traditionally c. 2356–2255 BC) and was allegedly offered the royal throne
  • Xu Xi (許素細) Hong Kong writer
  • William Shu (許子祥) Taiwanese-American entrepreneur based in the UK, founder of Deliveroo
  • Xu Xinwen (许馨文; born 1995) Chinese singer, dancer, and actress

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