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Xiong Kuang (Chinese: 熊狂, reigned 11th century BC) was an early ruler of the state of Chu during the early Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BC) of ancient China. He succeeded his father Xiong Li, and was succeeded by his son Xiong Yi, who would later be enfeoffed by King Cheng of Zhou and granted the hereditary noble rank of viscount.[1]

Xiong Kuang
Ruler of Chu
Reign11th century BC
Full name


  1. ^ Sima Qian. "楚世家 (House of Chu)". Records of the Grand Historian (in Chinese). Retrieved 1 March 2012.
Xiong Kuang
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Xiong Li
Ruler of Chu
11th century BC
Succeeded by
Xiong Yi
as Viscount of Chu