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Xiling Yangtze River Bridge

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The Xiling Yangtze River Bridge (simplified Chinese: 西陵长江大桥; traditional Chinese: 西陵長江大橋; pinyin: Xīlíng Chángjiāng Dàqiáo), is a suspension bridge over the Yangtze River, just a few kilometers downstream from the Three Gorges Dam. The bridge is located within Yiling District of the prefecture-level city of Yichang (Hubei Province of China), connecting the towns of Taipingxi and Letianxi (on the left, northern bank of the river) with Sandouping (on the right, southern bank).

Xiling Yangtze River Bridge
Xiling Yangtze River Bridge.JPG
Coordinates30°49′43″N 111°02′47″E / 30.8285°N 111.0465°E / 30.8285; 111.0465Coordinates: 30°49′43″N 111°02′47″E / 30.8285°N 111.0465°E / 30.8285; 111.0465
Carriesmotor traffic
CrossesYangtze River
LocaleYichang, Hubei, China
Designgravity-anchored suspension bridge[1]
Width20.6 metres (68 ft)[1]
Longest span900 metres (3,000 ft)[1]
DesignerBridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute
Construction startDecember 1993
Construction end1996[1]
OpenedAugust 1996
Xiling Yangtze River Bridge is located in Hubei
Xiling Yangtze River Bridge
Xiling Yangtze River Bridge
Location in Hubei

The bridge is located some 50 km upstream (west) from Yichang main urban area (i.e., Xiling District). The construction started in December 1993 and was completed in 1996.[2] The bridge opened in August 1996.[3]) and had the longest bridge span across the Yangtze, of 900 meters. The total length of the bridge was reported as 1118.66 meters.[2] The bridge surface is 18 m wide, carrying two lanes of traffic in each direction.[2]

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