Xconomy is a Boston, Massachusetts–based media company providing news on business, life sciences, and technology[1] focusing on the regions of Boston, Boulder/Denver, Detroit, Indiana, New York City, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Texas, Wisconsin, and beyond.[1] The website was launched in June 2007 by founders Robert Buderi and Rebecca Zacks.[2] Xconomy content covers "local personalities, companies, and technological trends to business and technology leaders" with a target audience of "entrepreneurs, business and technology executives and innovators, venture capitalists, angel investors, lawyers, and university researchers and officials."[1] Xconomy has been described as reflecting "the insiderish feel of, say, Politico, but with some of the familiarity that you might expect from a small town paper."[3]

2017 Xconomy, Inc. logo.png
Type of site
Technology news & media company
Available inEnglish
OwnerXconomy, Inc.
Created byRobert Buderi (founder) & Rebecca Zacks (co-founder)
EditorRobert Buderi
Launched2007; 15 years ago (2007)


Xconomy was founded in 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[4] The original Xconomy site focused on the city of Boston before opening another outlet in Seattle in 2008 and expanding to other key technology clusters afterward.[5][6] In 2016, Xconomy was acquired by Informa and moved its headquarters to Boston.[7]


Since its founding, Xconomy has also entered the field of business-to-business event production, launched webinar and podcasting services (Xconomy Xpertise), and has formed a custom research and publishing arm (Xconomy Insight).[8] Xconomy also provides "underwriting programs, banner ads, display ads, and ad networks".[1]


As of this date,[when?] notable contributors[clarification needed] to Xconomy include:[citation needed]


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