XIV International Chopin Piano Competition

The XIV International Chopin Piano Competition (Polish: XIV Międzynarodowy Konkurs Pianistyczny im. Fryderyka Chopina) was held from 4 to 22 October 2000 in Warsaw. Li Yundi of China won the First Prize, becoming the first Chinese pianist and youngest first-prize winner.[1] He was the first competitor to be awarded the First Prize (the gold medal) in 15 years since Stanislav Bunin won it in 1985.[2]

The Fourteenth International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition
Official poster
Date4–22 October 2000 (2000-10-04 – 2000-10-22)
VenueNational Philharmonic, Warsaw
Hosted byFryderyk Chopin Society [pl]
WinnerChina Li Yundi
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Awards edit

Li Yundi won the competition

The competition consisted of three stages and a final. After the previous two competitions had failed to produce a clear winner, the jury was once again inclined to not award first prize, though it did so in the end.[1]

The following prizes were awarded:[1]

Prize Winner
  US$25,000 Li Yundi   China
  US$20,000 Ingrid Fliter   Argentina
  US$15,000 Alexander Kobrin   Russia
4th US$11,000 Sa Chen   China
5th US$8,000 Alberto Nosè   Italy
6th US$6,000 Mika Sato   Japan
HM US$2,000 Ning An   United States
US$2,000 Etsuko Hirose   France
US$2,000 Valentina Igoshina   Russia
US$2,000 Radosław Sobczak [pl]   Poland
US$2,000 Nicolas Stavy   France
US$2,000 Mihaela Ursuleasa   Romania

In addition, three special prizes were awarded independently:

Special prize Winner
Best Performance of a Concerto not awarded
Best Performance of Mazurkas not awarded
Best Performance of a Polonaise Li Yundi   China
Sa Chen   China

Jury edit

The jury consisted of:[1]

References edit

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