Wuling Binguo

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The Wuling Binguo (Chinese: 五菱缤果), commonly mentioned in English sources as the Wuling Bingo, is a battery electric subcompact car (A0-class in China)[2] manufactured by SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) since 2023 under the Wuling brand.[3]

Wuling Binguo
Model codeE260[1]
Body and chassis
ClassSubcompact car
Body style5-door hatchback
LayoutFront-motor, front-wheel-drive
PlatformSGMW Global Small Electric Vehicle
Electric motor30 kW (40 hp; 41 PS) or 50 kW (67 hp; 68 PS) permanent magnet
TransmissionSingle-speed automatic
  • 17.3 kWh LFP (203 km)
  • 31.9 kWh LFP (333 km)
  • 37.9 kWh LFP (410 km)
Electric range203–410 km (126–255 mi)
Wheelbase2,560 mm (100.8 in)
Length3,950 mm (155.5 in)
Width1,708 mm (67.2 in)
Height1,580 mm (62.2 in)
Kerb weight990–1,185 kg (2,183–2,612 lb)

Overview edit

Following the Hongguang Mini EV electric microcar, Wuling expanded its range of city cars with a conventional 5-door hatchback called the Binguo.

The Binguo was created for the Chinese domestic market, as a response to other urban electric models.[4] It features retro-inspired styling, distinguished by a round body with oval headlights and rear lamps. The body comes in four colors, three with a contrasting painted roof: white and black, green and black or pink and white, as well as fully black.[5]

The passenger compartment features a similar round-oval design. The dashboard features two displays that function respectively as clocks and the central touch screen of the multimedia system.[6]

Specifications edit

The Binguo is available with two powertrain variants. The basic version develops 30 kW (40 hp; 41 PS), while the more powerful 50 kW (67 hp; 68 PS), although the top speed of both is limited to 100 km/h (62 mph). The manufacturer has also provided two available sets of batteries: the smaller 17.3 kWh allows the user to drive up to 203 km (126 mi) on a single charge according to the NEDC cycle, and the larger 31.9 kWh up to 333 km (207 mi).[7]

In September 2023, Wuling released the 410 km (255 mi) range version of the Binguo, powered by a 37.9 kWh LFP battery.[8]

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