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Working for Peanuts is a 1953 animated short produced by Walt Disney. It is notable for being one of their first shorts filmed in 3D (the first being Adventures in Music: Melody, which was released several months before). The tagline of the film is "Walt Disney's Donald Duck & Chip 'N Dale in their first laugh riot in 3-Dimension."

Working for Peanuts
Working for Peanuts.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJack Hannah
Produced byWalt Disney
Story byNick George
Roy Williams
StarringClarence Nash
James MacDonald
Dessie Flynn
Music byOliver Wallace
Animation byVolus Jones
Bill Justice
George Kreisl
Dan MacManus (effects)
Layouts byYale Gracey
Backgrounds byEyvind Earle
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • November 11, 1953 (1953-11-11)
(Veterans Day)
Running time
6 minutes (one reel)
CountryUnited States

In 2006, it was remastered for digital 3D purposes and rereleased in 2007 along with the Disney Digital 3-D version of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Meet the Robinsons.

Working for Peanuts was also showcased a number of times at the Disney theme parks and was used as a teaser 3D cartoon at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom, which showcased a 3D movie, Magic Journeys, that was sponsored by Kodak.

The title "Working for Peanuts", which is a common expression to indicate earning low wages, is used to allude to the development in the story related to the elephant's peanuts.


While collecting acorns, Chip 'n' Dale discover a peanut that had been thrown from the nearby zoo. At the zoo, guests give out peanuts to the animals, and Donald Duck takes care of Dolores the Elephant. Chip 'n' Dale take the Elephants peanuts, but Dolores won't let them.

Trying to escape from Donald, Dale trips in a bucket of white paint, covering himself in it. This gives Chip an idea. Smiling, he says, "I've got an idea! Listen to this!" before grabbing Dale's ear and beginning to whisper in it. He whispers his plan in Dale's ear. While he is whispering, Dale listens closely and begins to smile, liking Chip's plan. He continues to smile as Chip continues to whisper. When he has finished whispering, he grabs the paintbrush and begins to cover Dale in paint. Together, the two cover themselves in the white paint and successfully convince Donald that they belong in an albino chipmunk exhibit at the zoo, where they are fed peanuts.

In this film, for the first time Chip has been slapped with a fish by Dale, usually the other way round.


Also, in 2010, Walt Disney Home Entertainment partnered with Mitsubishi Electric to bring the Disney Digital 3D Showcase Disc to homes across the country. The disc is a full HD 1080P Blu-ray 3D disc and requires a 3D-capable HDTV, 3D-capable Blu-ray player and active shutter glasses to enjoy. The disc is 22 minutes long and includes the short film "Working For Peanuts" in Full HD 3D, along with previews and clips in 3D from Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The disc is not available for general retail as of August 2010 and is only available as a part of Mitsubishi's 3D Starter Kit which retails for $399.99.[citation needed]


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