WordGenius is a system for publishing dictionaries and reference books electronically, based on eComPress technology from Eurofield Information Systems.[1] The Unabridged and College versions of the Random House Dictionary known as Random House Webster's Dictionary, and the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English have been published using the technology, along with a thesaurus and spell checker for Microsoft Windows.


Search functionalityEdit

WordGenius features a search engine which is different from other software based reference technologies. Common words can be searched and wild cards can be applied at the beginning or end of words. Puzzle enthusiasts use the ability to search on fragments such as '??agm??ts' to solve crossword puzzles and other word games. The search can be applied to the words or to the definitions, and so facilitates reverse lookups allowing Word Genius dictionaries to be used as a thesaurus.

File sizeEdit

WordGenius reference works remain compressed on disk, resulting in a small file size with a positive influence on retrieval speed.


Reviewers have commented on the speed and flexibility of searching and the small file size. Some criticism has been made of the fact that the application stays on screen over other applications and could get in the way. Some reviewers of dictionary software criticized the lack of synonyms and other language components.[2][3][4]


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