Woody 'n' You

"Woody 'n' You", originally "Woody'n You" (also spelled "Woody 'n You" and on Stan Getz album Jazz Giants '58 it is listed as Woodyn' You), pronounced "Wouldn'[t] you," and occasionally named "Algo bueno", is a 1942 jazz standard written by Dizzy Gillespie as an homage to Woody Herman. It was one of three arrangements Gillespie made for Herman's big band, although it was not used at the time; the other two were "Swing Shift" and "Down Under". It was introduced on record in 1944 by Coleman Hawkins initiated by Budd Johnson, Hawkins' musical director of his 12-man orchestra that included the bebop pioneers Oscar Pettiford, Max Roach and Gillespie.[1][2]


The 32-bar composition is in AABA form.[3] The A section "consists of three two-measure sequences on ii-V chords, ending on the tonic (D)": Gm7(5) – C7(9) – Fm7(5) – B7(9) – Em7(5) – A7(9) – Dmaj9[3]


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