Wolfmother (album)

Wolfmother is the debut studio album by Australian rock band Wolfmother, originally released on 31 October 2005 in Australia. The album was later released internationally at various dates in 2006, with the addition of "Love Train" and a rearranged track listing. Wolfmother peaked at number three on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart[1] and was certified five times platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association.[2] Six singles were released from Wolfmother's debut album: "Mind's Eye" (with "Woman"), "White Unicorn", "Dimension", "Woman", "Love Train" and "Joker & the Thief", the latter of which charted the highest at number eight on the ARIA Singles Chart.[1] The album cover, which is taken from The Sea Witch by Frank Frazetta, shows a nymph standing against a blue/orange sky, on a rock, though because it displays nudity the album is sold in Wal-Mart stores with an alternate cover featuring simply the band's white logo against a black background. It is the only album to feature co-founding members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, who left the band in August 2008.

Wolfmother album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Released31 October 2005
RecordedJune–September 2005 at Sound City Studios, Los Angeles, California
GenreHard rock, stoner rock, heavy metal, neo-psychedelia
ProducerDave Sardy
Wolfmother chronology
Wolfmother EP
Dimensions EP

Release and receptionEdit

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Wolfmother was first issued in Australia on 30 October 2005 through Modular Recordings.[4] Prior to its release it was played on high rotation on radio station Triple J, and as a result was the featured album of the week starting 28 October,[5] won both the inaugural J Award[6] and the listener's choice Album of the Year.[4] It also contributed a record total of six songs to the Hottest 100 chart, of which the highest was "Mind's Eye" at No. 6.[7] By 2007, the album had been certified five times platinum[2] and had peaked at No. 3.[1]

For the international release of the album, the track listing was tweaked slightly and "Love Train", previously released as the B-side to "White Unicorn", was added. It was not as well received in the UK and the US as in Australia, though Wolfmother still managed to reach No. 25[8] and No. 22[9] respectively. By 2007 it had also been certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry,[10] the Recording Industry Association of America[11] and the Canadian Recording Industry Association.[12]

Upon its release, Wolfmother received mainly positive reviews from critics. It was named 15th greatest album of 2006 by Rolling Stone magazine. The album's sound was compared to such 1960s and 1970s hard rock and heavy metal bands as Led Zeppelin[13][14][15][16][17] and Black Sabbath,[13][14][17][18] as well as more modern bands including Queens of the Stone Age[13][14] and The White Stripes,[13][14][18] though this led some reviewers to go as far as accusing the trio of "ripping off" such bands.[17] Q were somewhat less critical, describing the music as "Far from rocket science, but immense fun nonetheless".[18] Total Guitar gave the album 9/10, describing it as "ruddy marvellous", adding that it "can't fail to bowl you over".[19] The Record Review also praised the band and its debut, remarking that if they "continue to produce such epic songs and memorable riffs, there’s no doubt they will be at the forefront of rock and roll for years to come."[20]

Following the release of the debut, Yahoo! critic Rob O'Connor noted them as number 15 on his list of 'The Greatest Australian Acts' on his 'List of the Day' blog.[21] Furthermore, he compared their sound to be more reminiscent of psychedelic rock bands like Blue Cheer, Toe Fat Revival, Bloodrock and Frijid Pink, rather than comparing them to straight forward hard rock bands like Black Sabbath.[21]Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame has gone on record as a huge fan of the debut, noting their debut to be "awesome", and that following its release, he would listen to it "every day".[22] In 2009, the song "Vagabond" was used in the movie 500 Days of Summer. The song "Apple Tree" was used in the trailer for The Hangover Part III. The song "Dimension" was used in season 3, episode 16 of House.

The album has sold over one million copies worldwide.

Track listingsEdit

All songs written and composed by Andrew Stockdale, Chris Ross and Myles Heskett.

Original Australian version
3."White Unicorn"5:01
5."Mind's Eye"4:53
6."Joker & the Thief"4:39
8."Where Eagles Have Been"5:32
9."Apple Tree"3:28
10."Tales from the Forest of Gnomes"3:35
International version
2."White Unicorn"5:04
4."Where Eagles Have Been"5:33
5."Apple Tree"3:30
6."Joker & the Thief"4:40
8."Mind's Eye"4:54
12."Love Train"3:03
United States 14-track edition
14."Colossal" (Live at the Big Day Out)5:52
United States 15-track edition
14."Woman" (MSTRKRFT remix)3:28
15."Love Train" (Chicken Lips remix)5:44
10th anniversary deluxe edition – Bonus B-Sides
14."The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun"2:48
15."Vagabond" (Acoustic Version)2:41
16."Joker & the Thief" (Loving Hands Remix)9:19
17."Woman" (MSTRKRFT Remix)3:31
18."Love Train" (Chicken Lips Malfunction Remix)5:46
10th anniversary deluxe edition – CD2 – Demos, B-sides & Live Tracks
1."Dimension" (Demo)4:17
2."White Unicorn" (Demo)8:16
3."Woman" (Early Days Demo)2:18
4."Apple Tree" (Demo)3:27
5."Not Goin' Home" ("Joker & the Thief" Demo)4:46
6."Colossal" (Demo)5:26
7."Pyramid" (Early Jam Demo)4:51
8."Witchcraft" (Rehearsal Room Demo)4:02
9."Love Train" (Rehearsal Room Demo)2:37
10."Vagabond" (Rehearsal Room Demo)3:10
11."Woman" (Live)4:16
12."Tales from the Forest of Gnomes" (Live)3:49
13."Mind's Eye" (Live)5:54
14."Dimension" (Live)6:15
15."Where Eagles Have Been" (Live)6:05


Charts and certificationsEdit

Decade-end chartEdit

Chart (2000–09) Position
Australia Album (ARIA) [35] 39
Australian Artist Album (ARIA) [35] 13

Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Format Catalog Ref.
Australia 31 October 2005 Modular Compact Disc MODCD036 [36][37]
United States (14-track version) 18 April 2006 Modular Digital download [38]
Europe (13-track version) 24 April 2006 Island Compact Disc 9877684 [39][40]
United Kingdom (13-track version) 24 April 2006 Island Double 12-inch vinyl 986 500-4 [41][42]
North America (13-track version) 2 May 2006 Modular Compact Disc MODCD041 [39][43]
Australia (13-track reissue) 3 June 2006 Modular Compact Disc MODCD043 [39][44]
Japan (13-track version) 11 July 2006 Universal Compact Disc 9051 [45]
United States (15-track reissue) 2 January 2007 Modular Digital download [46]
Japan (13-track version) 22 January 2007 Universal Compact Disc and DVD 9054 [47]


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