The Winschoterdiep (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌʋɪnsxoːtərˈdip]) is a canal in the province Groningen of the Netherlands.[1][2] It leads to the Rensel, which is actually part of this canal.[citation needed] Construction was started in 1618[3] and finished in 1634.[citation needed] The Winschoterdiep's total length is 35.5 kilometres, and it is approximately 100 metres in width. Sixteen bridges and locks are built across this canal, as well as many other passages.[citation needed] Ships must be less than 16 m in breadth to pass through some of these.[4] It is one of the oldest canals ever built in Groningen still in use.[citation needed] In the section between Hoogezand and Waterhuizen, there are several shipwharfs.[5] Hoogezand was founded near the canal in 1618.[3]

The Winschoterdiep in Scheemda (2007)
The Winschoterdiep in Groningen (2009)

Where the canal runs through the municipality of Menterwolde, there is significant water-sport activity in season.[2]

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