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Statue of Winrich von Kniprode at Malbork Castle.
Portrait of Winrich von Kniprode

Winrich von Kniprode was the 22nd Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights. He was the longest serving Grand Master, holding the position for 31 years (1351–1382).

Von Kniprode was born in 1310 in Monheim am Rhein near Cologne. He served as the Komtur of Danzig (1338–1341) and Balga (1341–1343). In 1341 he was promoted to the Grand Marshal.

Von Kniprode was elected Grand Master in 1351. He constantly fought with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to gain access to Livonia. He achieved a victory in the Battle of Rudau. Von Kniprode died in 1382 and was buried in Marienburg Castle in the mausoleum under the Chapel of St. Anna.


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Grand Master of the Teutonic Order
Preceded by
Heinrich Dusemer
Succeeded by
Conrad Zöllner von Rothenstein