Wing Chun (TV series)

Wing Chun is a 2006 TVB TV series starring Nicholas Tse. The series concluded filming in 2007. It featured actors Nicholas Tse, Yuen Biao, Anson Leung, Ji Chunhua, Sammo Hung and his youngest son, Sammy Hung.

Wing Chun
GenreMartial arts
Written byChung Sing Yuen
Directed bySing Chi Chiu
Fung Yuen Wah
Presented byLee Shui Hap
Lam Siu Ming
StarringNicholas Tse
Sammo Hung
Yuen Biao
Anson Leung
Hu Ke
Rain Lee
Sammy Hung
Country of originChina
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes40
ProducerChan Wui Ngai
Production locationsJinhua, Zhejiang, China
Running time45 minutes
Production companiesUniverse Entertainment Ltd.
Shaxi Film Studio
Guangzhou Wise Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Original networkTVB
Original release2006 (2006) –
2007 (2007)


The story revolved around the elderly Leung Jan and his life in Foshan during the late Qing dynasty. The show follows the life of Leung Bik, the eager but impulsive son of Leung Jan, the local doctor and martial art master. The father and son clash head frequently as Leung Bik desires to learn martial arts but his father wants him to study medicine like his brother Leung Chun. On the other end, there is Ko Ming a poor disciple of a drunken master who has traveled all the way to Fo Shan to find his long lost sister. Leung Bik and Ko Ming become rivals when Leung wrongfully but not intentionally harms the sister and Ko Ming ends up working for a corrupt family, the Longs.

The characters grow as the innocent Ko Ming gets corrupted by pragmatic evil and is put through trial and tribulation that eventually numbs him and Leung learns responsibility when he runs to Hong Kong after being accused of murder. Complex characters set against love triangles and the adventures of other supporting characters brings this classic show to live.


Cast Role
Nicholas Tse Leung Bik
Sammo Hung Wong Wah-bo
Yuen Biao Leung Jan
Anson Leung Leung Chun
Philip Ng Chan Wah-shun
Hu Ke (胡可) Kau Ku Leung
Rain Lee (李彩樺) Fong Yee
Sammy Hung (洪天照) Ko Ming
Liu Ziyan (劉梓妍) Siu Man Tau
Siqin Gaoli (斯琴高麗) Hung Lin

International broadcastEdit

Country Network(s)/Station(s) Series premiere Title
  Thailand Mono29 November 16, 2015 พยัคฆ์ร้ายหมัดหย่งชุน (Payakrai Mud Yong Chun[1])


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