Leung Bik

Leung Bik (born Leung Bik-wo with the courtesy name Tai-wah; 1845 – 1911), also known as Mr. Bik (先生璧), was a Wing Chun martial artist. He was one of Ip Man's teachers.

Leung Bik
BornLeung Bik-wo (梁璧和)
1845 (1845)
Foshan, Guangdong, Qing Empire
Died1911(1911-00-00) (aged 65–66)
British Hong Kong
Native name梁璧
Other namesBo Lam (寶林)
Mr. Bik (先生璧)
ResidenceBritish Hong Kong
StyleWing Chun
Teacher(s)Leung Jan
Wong Wah-bo
  • Leung Shiu-hung (son)
  • Leung Shiu-kau (son)
Notable relativesLeung Jan (father)
Ms. Cheng (mother)
Notable studentsIp Man
Chinese name
Leung Bik-wo
(birth name)
(courtesy name)
Traditional Chinese態華
Simplified Chinese态华


He was born in Foshan in 1845 as the second of the nine sons of Leung Jan by his second wife with the surname of Cheng ().

At the young age he practiced Wing Chun under his father and grand-teacher Wong Wah-bo (黃華寶). By then, Leung Bik's Wing Chun skill sets were in its most completed forms, which three forms includes Mu ren zhuang, Eight-cut knives and Six-and-a-Half Point Pole, as well as Qigong.

Due to the political situation in the late Qing Dynasty, Leung left Foshan for Hong Kong, where he made a living running a silk and satin business at Cha Wai Street (乍畏街) (present day Jervois Street) in Sheung Wan.

In 1909, Leung was introduced to Ip Man by Ip's classmate Lai, who was also a son of Leung's friend. Leung challenged Ip to a friendly sparring match at Lai's house, Leung defeated Ip twice and Ip left without a word. Impressed by the young man's skill, Leung requested Lai for the disheartened Ip's return and trained him until his own death in 1911.[1][2]

Known descendantsEdit

Leung had two sons:

  • 1st son: Leung Shiu-hung (梁肇鴻), courtesy name Sam-pei (心培) – Born in 1880, also skilled in martial arts, he was a businessman, due to an economic downturn, he died of depression in 1929.
    • Grandson: Leung Man-lok (梁文樂): son of Leung Shiu-hung, a 7th generation Wing Chun practitioner, currently resided in Hong Kong.
      • Great-granddaughter: Leung Lai-ngor (梁麗娥) – currently resided in Canada.
      • Great-granddaughter: Leung Choi (梁彩) – currently resided at Nanhai District.
  • 2nd son: Leung Shiu-kau (梁肇球), courtesy name Ting-pei (鼎培) – Born in 1886, no known information, presumed deceased.[3]

In popular cultureEdit

In the 2006 television series Wing Chun, he was portrayed by Nicholas Tse.

In the 2010 film The Legend Is Born: Ip Man, he was portrayed by Ip Chun, the eldest son of Ip Man.

In the 2013 television series Ip Man, he was portrayed by Bruce Leung.


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