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Wildlands, also known as Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, is a zoo in Emmen, the Netherlands. It opened in March 2016, replacing the Emmen Zoo.[1][3] Wildlands is an adventure theme park with four main areas: Jungola, Serenga, Nortica and Animazia.

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen
Entrance during twilight
Date opened25 March 2016
LocationEmmen, the Netherlands
CoordinatesCoordinates: 52°46′55″N 6°53′20″E / 52.7819°N 6.8889°E / 52.7819; 6.8889
Land area22 hectares (54 acres)[1]
No. of animals7,000[1]
Annual visitors1.3 million (2016)[2]
MembershipsEAZA, NVD
WebsiteOfficial website
The jungle house Rimbula, which also houses the indoor section of the elephant exhibit

Jungola is jungle-themed and displays butterflies, tropical birds, large reptiles (such as Chinese alligators and pythons), ring-tailed lemurs, lar gibbons, small-clawed otters and Asian elephants. The most prominent feature of Jungola is the indoor tropical rainforest hall Rimbula, which at 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq ft) is the largest zoo jungle hall in the world and the largest greenhouse in Europe.[4] Serenga is the African savanna section and is home to species such as lion, Grant's zebras, Rothschild's giraffes, white rhinoceros and hamadryas baboons, but also Australian red-necked wallabies. Nortica is aimed at cold oceans and is home to polar bear, Californian sea lion, South American fur seal and Humboldt penguin. The final main section, Animazia, is a large indoor playground, but also home to an aquarium with species such as corals, green sea turtles and tropical fish.[5]

List of attractionsEdit

Name Manufacturer Model Opened Status Area Other statistics
Arctic 1 Vekoma 4D Simulator Ride 2016 Operating Nortica
  • Duration (pre show): 3:00 minutes
  • Duration (ride): 4:30 minutes
Rimbula River Mack Rides Boat Ride 2016 Operating Jungola
  • Duration: 9:00 minutes
  • Length: 984.25 ft (300.00 m)
  • Speed: 1.24 mph (2.00 km/h)
Serenga Safari Unknown Truck Ride 2016 Operating Serenga
  • Duration: 7:00 minutes
  • Length: 1,788 ft (545 m)
Terra Explorer Unknown Unknown 2016 Operating Nortica Unknown
Tweestryd Vekoma Junior Boomerang Coaster 2018 Operating Serenga
  • Duration: 1:05 minutes
  • Length: 715.2 ft (218.0 m)
  • Height: 65.6 ft (20.0 m)
  • Speed: 37.3 mph (60.0 km/h)

List of animalsEdit

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen has at least 80 types of animals, as of 2018.

Name Area
African spurred tortoise Animazia
Agouti Jungola
Anglo-Nubian goat Serenga
Asian elephant Jungola
Asian small-clawed otter Jungola
Atlas moth Jungola
Axolotl Animazia
Bactrian camel Serenga
Bali myna Jungola
Ball python Jungola
Black-capped squirrel monkey Jungola
Black-headed spider monkey Jungola
Black pond turtle Jungola
Black rat Nortica
Black-tailed prairie dog Serenga
Blue wildebeest Serenga
Butterflies Jungola
California sea lion Nortica
Cameroon sheep Serenga
Chinese alligator Jungola
Coconut lorikeet Jungola
Common dwarf mongoose Serenga
Common ostrich Serenga
Common rain frog Jungola
Crested partridge Jungola
Dwarf crocodile Jungola
Emerald tree monitor Jungola
Euploea Jungola
Forest hinge-back tortoise Jungola
Greater rhea Serenga
Giant African millipede Jungola
Giant African snail Jungola
Grant's zebra Serenga
Great grey owl Nortica
Green sea turtle Animazia
Hamadryas baboon Serenga
Heliconians Jungola
Helmeted guineafowl Serenga
Hippopotamus Serenga
Humboldt penguin Nortica
Impala Serenga
Java sparrow Jungola
Kissing gourami Jungola
Lar gibbon Jungola
Leafcutter ant Jungola
Lion Serenga
Long-tailed glossy starling Jungola
Luzon bleeding-heart Jungola
Madagascar day gecko Jungola
Madagascar hissing cockroach Jungola
Maylandia Animazia
Meerkat Serenga
Miniature donkey Serenga
Miniature Zebu Serenga
Menelaus blue morpho Jungola
Mexican redknee tarantula Jungola
Naked mole-rat Animazia
Ocellaris clownfish Animazia
Onager Serenga
Owl butterfly Jungola
Pipefish Animazia
Poison dart frog Jungola
Polar bear Nortica
Red-bellied piranha Animazia
Red lionfish Animazia
Reticulated python Jungola
Ring-tailed lemur Jungola
Rodrigues flying fox Jungola
Rothschild's giraffe Serenga
Sea urchin Animazia
Seven-spot archerfish Jungola
Snowy-crowned robin-chat Jungola
Snowy owl Nortica
South American fur seal Nortica
Starfish Animazia
Superb starling Jungola
Swamp wallaby Serenga
Turaco Jungola
Victoria crowned pigeon Jungola
Village weaver Serenga
Waterbuck Serenga
White rhinoceros Serenga


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