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This is where participants and non-participants of the West Midlands WikiProject can add their requests for articles which would fall under the scope of the project (The West Midlands county in England).

Search for the article before posting it and check the spelling. If the article has not been created and you are unable to create it then add the name of the article under the appropriate heading and give a short sentence of what the article would be about to explain the importance of such an article. A link to information on the subject may be useful as citation when the article is created.

Please also help by creating these articles!



Electoral wardsEdit

Parks, reserves and SSSIsEdit

Buildings and structuresEdit

Existing buildingsEdit

Future buildingsEdit

Demolished or no longer functioning buildingsEdit

Unknown statusEdit

  • Hazelwell Hall, a hall in Kings Heath built on an estate dating to the 1300s.

Water featuresEdit

Disused railway stationsEdit

See Template talk:West Midlands railway stations for the list of stations needed.

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