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The Future of the Newsletter edit

Hello! This section will be regarding the future of the newsletter. As of February 25, 2023, there will be no future issues of the newsletter. Unless the format of the newsletter changes or there are more people willing to work on it, this issue will be the last one. The massive amount of effort required in making just 1 issue is too great for it to be something feasible in the long term. That is why this issue took so long to actually come out. The 2 contributors that were working on it stopped working on it as neither had the time to work on it anymore. I discovered it and decided to work on it myself. However I hadn't realized just how much work would be required to actually complete it and have decided to publish it as is. As much as I'd like to continue with the newsletter, I just can't. If anyone has ideas for how it could be made so that it's more feasible to work on it, feel free to tell me and I will consider it. However, as of writing this I have no further plans to continue with this newsletter.

Thank you to all who have enjoyed the newsletter in the past and to all of those who have put in the effort to create it.Blaze WolfTalkBlaze Wolf#6545