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Blaze Wolf
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NameBlaze Wolf
CountryUnited States
Time zoneCentral Time Zone
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Pets2 dogs 1 cat
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HobbiesCooking, gaming, music

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JoinedOctober 27, 2020

Hello!/こんにちは! Welcome to my userpage! I'm Blaze Wolf, though you may call me Blaze or Wolf (or even Wolfie if you really want though that's a little bit childish sounding).

I'm an Autistic furry from the United States, so I may think and/or behave differently than most others, and my view and knowledge on some things may not be the best due to me mostly avoiding the news (for very good reasons such as avoiding drama regarding politics) so I don't usually hear much about stuff happening outside of the US outside of Wikipedia.

I've been around since October of 2020, though my alt account Blaze Fire Wolf is much older than this due to me having created it a while back and then immediately forgetting about it.

I'm semi-fluent in HTML and CSS, however I don't understand Lua currently, despite this I am willing to create a custom signature if you ask. Besides programming/markup languages, the only language I am fluent in is English (American English specifically), however I do have interest in learning Japanese due to my obsession with things relating to video games (especially if it has to do with Nintendo) and would love for any assistance in figuring out how to do so (especially from any native Japanese speakers who are also relatively fluent in English).

As I have stated before, my main editing interests here on Wikipedia are video games, though I also have an interest in anything car related.

I'll be rewriting my userpage at some point since I made this back when I was new to Wikipedia and was doing it through TWA.

If there is any suspicion that this account has become compromised, an admin should block this account and then send me an email or DM on Discord to let me know of the situation and I will either confirm or deny that the account is compromised.

If you contact me via Discord asking me to make an edit for you on a protected page, I am not going to do it. Use an edit request instead, and if you already have one then wait for a user to respond.

Inspirational, Helpful, or Interesting quotes

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master." - Christian Lous Lange

"People who refuse to rest honorably on their laurels when they reach retirement age seem very admirable to me." - Helen Hayes

Major Accomplishments

In Progress

  • Learning Japanese (if you're curious how I'm doing on it feel free to ask!)

On Hold

  • Cutting down the size of List of Cars characters and make sure it doesn't all of the sudden balloon again with inclusion criteria

Not Done


Userscripts I recommend

  • meta:TwinkleGlobal - Great for reporting cross-wiki vandals or LTAs who are evading their glock


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