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This is a boilerplate template (at the bottom of this article) for congressional committee and subcommittee articles (see List of United States Senate committees, List of United States House of Representatives committees, and List of defunct United States congressional committees). Put {{US-Congress-stub}} at the end of the article unless you believe it is sufficiently completed.

You can also use {{section-stub}} and/or {{list-dev}} if/when appropriate.

External Sources for the articles: Web Resources


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The boilerplate template begins after this horizontal line:

The '''Senate Committee on XX''' was a [[standing committee (United States Congress)|standing committee]]
[[select or special committee (United States Congress)|select or special committee]] of the 
[[United States Senate]]/[[US House of Representatives]] between 1990 and 2000. It was originally established 
as a select committee, but became a standing committee in 1999. It is primarily responsible for the oversight of 
federal widgets and thingamajigs.

Jurisdiction Edit

Provide a brief description of the committees main areas of jurisdiction as established by House and Senate rules or a specific legislative resolution that established the committee. Including a discussion of general legislative topics considered by the committee or federal agencies over which it has oversight.

History Edit

Include a detailed description of how the committee came to be, including creation and termination dates, any predecessor committees, or other information about its operation.

Committee members Edit

Below is the recommended format for committee members of current standing and select committees. Notable members of the committee, such as Presidents, Vice Presidents, Cabinet Members, federal judges, etc. should also be listed as appropriate.

For current committees

==Committee members, XXth Congress==
The committee is chaired by [[Sammy Senator]], [[Party (United States)|Party]] of [[State]] and the 
[[Ranking member|Ranking Member]] is [[Larry Legislator]], [[Party (United States|Party]] of [[State]].

{| class=wikitable
! Majority
! Minority
| {{party shading/Democratic}}</ valign=top |
* [[Sammy Senator]], State, ''Chairman''
* Senator 2, State
* Senator 3, State
| {{party shading/Republican}} valign=top |
* [[Larry Legislator]], State, ''Ranking Member''
* Senator 5, State
* Senator 6, State

===Notable members===

For defunct committees list all members of the committee in alphabetical order, rather than by congress. List can be moved to multiple columns as needed to conserve space. Include notations if a member's service overlaps a committee transition (such as select to standing committee or a committee being renamed).

==Committee members==
* Senator A (Party Abbr-State) 1800-1815 (as Select Committee on Expenses 1800-1805)
* Senator B (Party Abbr-State) 1812-1830
* Senator C (Party Abbr-State) 1816-1850

Subcommittees Edit

For current committees, provide a list and links of the various subcommittees (if any) for the committee. List the subcommittees in the order of precedence given by the parent committee's website, which is usually not in alphabetical order.

Since subcommittees change frequently, only the most current list of subcommittees should be used. Subcommittees for defunct committees should only be included if they are notable for some reason or contributed greatly to the committee's history.

Effective with the 110th Congress, the number of subcommittees has been expanded from four to six, 
with the creation of the '''Subcommittee on Public Sector Nuiscances''' and the '''Subcommittee on Important Things'''

{| class="wikitable"
! width=50% | Subcommittee
! Chair
! Ranking Member
| [[United States Senate Executive Subcommittee on Public Sector Nuisances|Public Sector Nuisances]]
| Chairman (Party Abbr-State Abbr)
| Ranking Member (Party Abbr-State Abbr)
| [[United States Senate Executive Subcommittee on Important Things|Important Things]]
| Imanother Chairman (Party Abbr-State Abbr)
| Ranking Member (Party Abbr-State Abbr)

Major events Edit

Describe major events, legislation, hearings, or investigations carried out by the committee.

== Major events ==

* March 5, 1999 — Investigation on whether or not to hold an investigation on investigations
* August 23, 1999 — Hearing on the quality of the new seat cushions
* October 15, 1999 — Impeachment proceedings against Colonel Sanders over his dangerously tasty chicken

Chairmen Edit

Include a chronological list of committee chairmen from the time the committee was created until the present. Include chairmen of any immediate predecessor committees.


===Chairmen of the Select Committee on Widgets, 1838-1947===
* Chairman 1 (Party Abbr-State Abbr) 1838-1841
* Chairman 2 (Party Abbr-State Abbr) 1941-1947
===Chairmen of the Committee on Widgets and Thingamajigs, 1947-1977===
* Chairman 3 (Party Abbr-State Abbr) 1947-1961
* Chairman 4 (Party Abbr-State Abbr) 1961-1947
===Chairmen of the Committee on Executive Department Widgets, Thingamajigs, and Whatsits, 1977-Present===
* Chairman 5 (Party Abbr-State Abbr) 1977-1981
* Chairman 6 (Party Abbr-State Abbr) 2007-present

Closing sections Edit

Below here, include any "See Also" links to similarly formed committees in the other body (Senate vs House), References, and, for current committees, the official committee website.

==See also==
[[United States House Committee on Executive Widgets]]


==External links==
*Official website
*Committee histories
*Guides to committee records
*Related sites

Add at the bottom:

{{USCongressCommittees}} <!--Current committees only-->

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