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This subpage of Project Congress will track how well information is imported from the Bioguide.


Content notice templateEdit

{{Bioguide}} looks like this:
Public Domain This article incorporates public domain material from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.

External link template: CongBioEdit

{{CongBio}} allows linking to the Bioguide, using the subject as the parameter. For members who served only before 1991.

For example, Henry Clay's biography is at,
so {{CongBio|C000482}} will return an external link to that biography:

External link template: CongLinksEdit

{{CongLinks}} uses a multi-parameter to allow linking to the Bioguide along with several other sources for members from 1991-present. This is preferred.

There is more information available online for a more recent politician such as Hillary Clinton, so {{CongLinks | congbio = c001041 | votesmart = 55463 | washpo = Hillary_Clinton | govtrack = | opencong = | ontheissues = Hillary_Clinton.htm | surge = | legistorm = | fec = P00003392 | opensecrets = N00000019 | followthemoney = | cspan = 19027 | rose = 1897 | imdb = 0166921 | nyt = c/hillary_rodham_clinton | guardian = world/hillaryclinton | worldcat = lccn-n93-10903 | nndb = 022/000025944 | findagrave = }} will return additional relevant links:

Cleanup project templateEdit

{{Cleanup Congress Bio}} looks like this:

This cleanup template puts articles in the category, Category:Biographical Directory of the United States Congress cleanup. There are currently 29 articles still needing cleanup.

External linksEdit

Status of importingEdit

(To be expanded)