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The property of Columbia Union Station Company, hereinafter called the carrier, consists of a terminal passenger station and facilities and appurtenances thereto, located wholly within the city of Columbia, S. C. The carrier owns no tracks, but leases from the Southern Railway Company 0.330 mile of main line and 0.988 mile of yard tracks and sidings, or a total of 1.318 miles of all tracks, which are used as approaches to the carrier's property.

Corporate history.—The carrier was incorporated February 19, 1900, under special act of the legislature of South Carolina for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, maintaining, and operating or leasing to others railroad terminal facilities for the accommodation of passengers, the transfer of mail and express, and the maintenance of restaurants, news stands, and telegraph and telephone offices. An amendment to the charter, dated January 31, 1916, authorized an increase in the carrier's capital stock from $100,000 to $200,000 par value. The organization of the carrier was perfected on June 26, 1900. The carrier is controlled by the Southern Railway Company and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company through equal ownership of the carrier's entire outstanding capital stock. The principal office of the carrier is at Columbia, S. C.