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A bookshelf of all Wikipedia's medical content (in all 286 languages) as of the end of 2013. Based on an estimated number of bytes of 1,015,667,193, with 8,000,000 characters per book, thus 126.7 volumes. This does not include pictures.

This page links out to a list of tables giving some statistics around Wikipedia and Medicine in different languages.

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Change in number of references supporting medical content from 2009 to 2018.[1]
  • As of February 5, 2019, Wikipedia's medical content is supported by 757,855 references in English and 1,596,528 in other languages, for a total of 2,354,383 across all languages. In English 168,985 have a PMID while 261,850 do in other languages. This means at least 430,835 references are journal articles.




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