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This is the central hub of ICHTHUS: the member-published newsletter of WikiProject Christianity. A new issue is published every month. To subscribe, see the subscriptions page. Ichthus welcomes submissions including position pieces, instructional articles, or short essays addressing important issues facing Christianity. Post submissions here. For general feedback, see our talk page. Past editions of Ichthus are located in the archives. The first issue of the Christianity newsletter was published in June 2007. CO is the founding editor. Ichthus is an independent publication which is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. The contents of articles are that of their authors alone, and may not reflect the opinion of the Foundation. Unlike most Wikipedia pages, Ichthus articles carry a byline to indicate the person responsible for what often amounts to original reporting.

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This is an internal reference for Ichthus on external and internal resources available for writing, for use by writers researching going-ons ahead of inclusion in future issues.

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Project news is a compilation of recent events affecting Christianity at Wikipedia.


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