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Welcome to the Soviet Aviation task force, a joint project of WikiProject Aviation and WikiProject Soviet Union.

  • To improve the quality and quantity of articles documenting all aspects of aviation in the USSR, including notable pilots, major accidents, airports, and domestically produced aircraft.

Articles dealing with any of the following topics:

  • Aviation accidents and incidents that took place in the Soviet Union, especially before glasnost
  • Aviation accidents and incidents that involved Soviet-made aircraft (even if it didn't crash in the Soviet Union)
  • Airports built in the Soviet Union
  • Notable Soviet aviators
  • Domestically produced aircraft and engines

Open tasks edit

@WP:MILHIST coordinators: Many items on the list may interest you, please help recruit Russian speakers. Thank you!

Featured article edit

The project currently intends to work on improving the article on Amet-khan Sultan so that it reaches featured status. We are awaiting the publication of his full biography by historian Andrey Simonov in the future, so until we can use that book as a source in the bibliography we will be:

Missing Articles edit

Partial list of aviation accidents, airports, and aviators that we do not have articles for.

Articles in need of improvement: edit

See Category:Stub-Class Soviet aviation articles, Category:Russian airport stubs, Category:Aviation accident stubs, and Category:Transport articles needing translation from Russian Wikipedia

Photo requests: edit

Notability guidelines edit

  • For air crashes, notability based on news coverage at the time is a little different because it was standard procedure in the USSR to censor news coverage of any mention of aviation accidents, hence such accidents are rarely mentioned in newspaper archives. If the accident would have attracted major news coverage and notability in a situation without censorship, then it can be considered notable.
  • Same rules apply for airports as defines by WikiProject Airports
  • For aviators, notability guidelines for biographies are standard, see Wikipedia:Notability (people) and Aerospace biography
  • For aircraft, see Notability (aircraft)

Tagging and assessment edit

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Resources edit

Abbreviation and vocabulary guide edit

  • VVS – Soviet Air Forces (ВВС - Военно-воздушные силы СССР)
  • IAP – Fighter Aviation Regiment (ИАП - истребительный авиационный полк)
  • IBAP – Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment or Instructor Bomber Aviation Regiment (ИБАП - истребительно-бомбардировочный авиационный полк or инструкторский бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • NBAP – Night Bomber Aviation Regiment (НБАП - ночной бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • ShAP – Attack Aviation Regiment (ШАП - штурмовой авиационный полк)
  • TBAP – Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (ТБАП - тяжёлый бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • OBAP – Separate Bomber Aviation Regiment (ОБАП - отдельный бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • DBAP – Long-Range Bomber Aviation Regiment (ДБАП - дальнебомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • LBAP – Light Bomber Aviation Regiment (ЛБАП - лёгкий бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • PBAP – Dive Bomber Aviation Regiment (ПБАП - пикирующий бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • SBAP – High Speed Bomber Aviation Regiment (СБАП - скоростной бомбардировочный авиационный полк)
  • SAD – Mixed Aviation Division (САД - 9-й смешанной авиационной дивизией)
  • IAK – Fighter Aviation Corps (ИАК - истребительный авиационный корпус)
  • BAK – Bomber Aviation Corps (БАК - бомбардировочный авиационный корпус)
  • MSK – Moscow Time (МСК)
  • Shturmovik – ground-attack aircraft (Штурмовик)
  • OKB Yakovleva – Yakovlev Design Bureau (ОКБ Яковлева)

  • ПРС – Приводная радиостанция
  • ПРМ – приводной радиомаяк
  • ОСП – оборудования системы посадки
  • БПРМ – ближний приводной радиомаяк (Short-range radio beacon)
  • ДПРМ – дальний приводной радиомаяк (Long-range radio beacon)
  • ОПРС – отдельная приводная радиостанция
  • КНС – кодовый неоновый светомаяк
  • ПАР – приводная аэродромная радиостанция
  • АРП – автоматический радиопеленгатор
  • ВПП – Взлётно-посадочная полоса (Runway)
  • гв. — вардейский
  • апиб — авиационный полк истребителей-бомбардировщиков
  • апс — авиационный полк связи
  • ап ГВФ — авиационный полк Гражданского воздушного флота
  • атп — авиационный технический полк
  • бап — бомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • ббап — ближнебомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • вп — вертолётный полк
  • втап — военно-транспортный авиационный полк
  • дбап — дальнебомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • драп — дальнеразведывательный авиационный полк
  • зиап — запасной истребительный авиационный полк
  • иап — истребительный авиационный полк
  • иап ПВО — истребительный авиационный полк ПВО
  • крап — корректировочный разведывательный авиационный полк
  • лбап — легкий бомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • нбап — ночной бомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • нлбап — ночной легкий бомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • овп — отдельный вертолётный полк
  • осап — отдельный смешанный авиационный полк
  • ошап — отдельный штурмовой авиационный полк
  • отап — отдельный транспортный авиаполк
  • сап — смешанный авиационный полк
  • санап — санитарный авиационный полк
  • сбап — скоростной бомбардировочный авиационный полк
  • трап — транспортный авиационный полк
  • уап — учебный авиационный полк
  • шап — штурмовой авиационный полк
  • зап — запасной авиационный полк

Air accidents edit

  • Russian-language database created after glasnost of aviation accidents that happened throughout the Soviet Union
  • Russian-language database of Russian and Soviet-made aircraft, and details on the aircraft involved in accidents.
  • Aviation Safety Network Database of aviation accidents around the world available in five languages
  • Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives English-language database of aviation accidents throughout history

Aviators edit

  • database of people awarded title "Hero of the Soviet Union", many of whom were aviators
  • Simonov, Andrey; Bodrikhin, Nikolai (2017). Боевые лётчики — дважды и трижды Герои Советского Союза. Moscow: Фонд «Русские Витязи», Музей техники Вадима Задорожного. ISBN 9785990960510. OCLC 1005741956.
  • Good place to find portraits for infoboxes (most are fair-use though)
  • Rybalka, Vitaly (2006). Командующие воздушными армиями. Moscow: Patriot. ISBN 5703009375. OCLC 78990192.

Aircraft edit

Photo resources edit

  • Great place to find portraits, both fair-use and public domain

Sources to avoid edit

Below is a list of sources that are generally unreliable or contain many errors.

  • Polak, Tomas; Shores, Christopher (1999). Stalin's Falcons. Grub Street. ISBN 9781902304014. - The author cites a variety of questionable sources for the book in the foreward (like Soviet memoirs) and many official documents were not yet declassified at the time the book was published. Even simple things like the year of birth can be off by five years. Pilots’ scores are often heavily inflated, and even information about awards can be incorrect. Some of his false claims include: that Amet-khan Sultan was born in 1925 (and then did an aerial ramming at age 16!); that Lidya Litvyak was only awarded the Order of the Red Banner when alive (she received the Order of the Red Star when she was alive and was seen wearing the medal!); that Lev Shestakov had 65 total victories (a number that appears to be made up and does not correspond to or even resemble any other estimates!).
  • Some books by Henry Sakaida contain many typos and factual errors (see Talk:Henry Sakaida; should be used with caution.)
  • Books from the "aircraft of the aces" series - often contain errors, use with caution and confirm with other sources. Tends to inflate the scores of pilots sometimes. Biographical details like date of birth and death are generally correct, but breakdowns of victories and descriptions of specific flight incidents are not always supported by historical consensus. Accuracy varies between authors and subject area.
  • The website contains "biographies" of many pilots that describes alleged flying aces (who are not considered official flying aces by reliable sources) using old and debunked sources or even dramatized essay-memiors as the primary source of an article. Should be avoided whenever possible. Better to use a different website with a similar idea - - instead, since it has more reliable information.

Active members edit

Don't forget to add the {{User Soviet Aviation task force}} template to your user page!

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