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This page is for requesting new animal-related articles be created, or redirects be expanded into articles. To request an existing animal-related article be improved or expanded, see WikiProject Animals/Expansion requests.

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Article Known Sources Redirect
Foreface the part of the head of a quadruped that is in front of the eyes
Hump a feature of various animals which doesn't have a centralised article
Article Known Sources Redirect
Animal positions We could do with an equivalent of human positions for animals, focusing on which animals sit, kneel, squat and lie down and in what contexts. It is an interesting subject.--Penbat (talk) 08:02, 21 April 2017 (UTC) Apparently wolves squat when they howl - Squatting position#Grand Howl.
Cleaning behaviour (includes personal and social grooming and cleaner fish and other interspecific cleaning.
Antipredator defenses in mammals See Tim Caro's Antipredator defenses in birds and mammals


Article Known Sources Redirect
American Alsatian
The Blue Layer in New South Wales.
Faunal interchange
Gryphi (class of aquatic vertebrates) timeline of pterosaur research
List of fossorials A fossorial (from Latin fossor, meaning "digger") animal is one adapted to digging which lives primarily, but not solely, underground. Some examples are badgers, naked mole-rats, clams, meerkats, and mole salamanders.
List of land animals that can swim
necrotizing dermatitis in reference to snakes
plant-animal interactions (/animal-plant) (Abrahamson WG (ed.) (1989) Plant–Animal Interactions. New York: McGraw-Hill; Howe HF and Westley LC (1988) Ecological Relationships of Plants and Animals. New York: Oxford University Press.)
primitive vertebrates
Pycnoclavella flava Tunicata
Quebrada Honda Fauna Paratrigodon
Vertebrate biomechanics Vertebrate Biomechanics and Evolution
Vertebrate evolution (In creation)


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Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect
Acanthobunocephalus scruggsi Scruggs' catfish List of organisms named after famous people (born 1900–present)
Acropoma heemstra Phil Heemstra
Ariosoma dolichopterum Ariosoma
Aseraggodes heemstra Phil Heemstra
Brotula clarkae Pacific bearded brotula, Clark's brotula Gilbert's garden eel
Bunocephalinae (subfamily of catfish) N/A Acanthobunocephalus nicoi
Congermuraena (genus of eel) N/A Bathycongrus aequoreus
Congrellus (genus of eel) N/A Gilbert's garden eel, lined conger
Congromuraena (genus of eel) N/A Echelus polyspondylus many-vertebrae snake eel Echelus
Folipistrix (genus of carpet shark) N/A carpet shark
Melanostomiinae (subfamily of dragonfish) N/A Melanostomias
Palaeobrachaelurus (genus of carpet shark) N/A carpet shark
Pseudoxenomystax (genus of eel) N/A dubious conger
Pteropsaron heemstra Phil Heemstra
Thyrsoidea (genus of eel) N/A Muraena augusti
Upeneus heemstra Heemstra goatfish Phil Heemstra


Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect
Gymnothorax andamanensis Andaman moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax aurocephalus goldenhead moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax indicus Indian unpatterned moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax mishrai Bengal moray, Mishra's moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax odishi Odish's moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax pseudomelanosomatus false black-body moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax pseudotile Bengal low-fin moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax ryukyuensis Ryukyu moray Gymnothorax
Gymnothorax visakhaensis Visakha moray Gymnothorax


Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect
Melanostomias bartonbeani scaleless black dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias biseriatus Melanostomias
Melanostomias globulifer brightchin dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias macrophotus Melanostomias
Melanostomias margaritifer Melanostomias
Melanostomias melanopogon Melanostomias
Melanostomias melanops Melanostomias
Melanostomias niger fangtooth dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias nigroaxialis Melanostomias
Melanostomias paucilaternatus spothead dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias pauciradius three-ray dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias pollicifer Melanostomias
Melanostomias stewarti Stewart's dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias tentaculatus tentacle dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias valdiviae Valdivia black dragonfish Melanostomias
Melanostomias vierecki Vierecki's dragonfish Melanostomias


Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect

Sphyraena putnamae Putnam's barracuda, sawtooth barracuda barracuda
Sphyraena tome barracuda


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Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect

Hyla swanstoni Swanston's tree frog Hyla
Leptopelis aubreyi Aubrey's tree frog Leptopelis flavomaculatus
Leptopelis grandiceps Leptopelis flavomaculatus
Xenopus allofraseri Xenopus
Xenopus calcaratus Xenopus
Xenopus eysoole Xenopus
Xenopus fischbergi Fischberg's clawed frog Xenopus
Xenopus kobeli Xenopus
Xenopus mellotropicalis Xenopus
Xenopus parafraseri Xenopus
Xenopus poweri Power's clawed frog Xenopus


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Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect
Antaresia papuensis rough-scaled python
Brasilemys N/A Thalassodromeus palaeoecology
Chelospharginae (subfamily of Protostegidae) N/A Archelon
Daohugoupterus wildi timeline of pterosaur research Daohugoupterus
Diporiphora nobbi coggeri Cogger's nobbi lashtail, Cogger's nobbi Harold Cogger
Euraxemys N/A Thalassodromeus palaeoecology
Haenamichnus uhangriensis timeline of pterosaur research
Laopteryx priscus timeline of pterosaur research
Mastigodryas boddaerti boddaerti (Sentzen, 1796) Mastigodryas boddaerti
Mastigodryas boddaerti dunni (Stuart, 1933) Mastigodryas boddaerti
Mastigodryas boddaerti ruthveni (Stuart, 1933) Mastigodryas boddaerti
Nyctisauria N/A Timeline of pterosaur research
Piocormus N/A Pleurosaurus
Protosteginae (subfamily of Protostegidae) N/A Archelon
Pseudalsophis slevini (formerly Antillophis slevini) banded Galápagos snake, Slevin's snake Pseudalsophis, Joseph Richard Slevin#Eponymous taxa
Stephanosaurus marginatus N/A Stephanosaurus
Tingitana anoualae Pleurosaurus


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Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect
Amilnedwardsia N/A South American native ungulates
Andinotoxodon N/A Toxodon
Bos baikalensis Baikal yak
Calchaquitherium N/A Toxodon
Dinotoxodon N/A Toxodon
Eoastrapostylopidae N/A South American native ungulates
Epomophorini (tribe) N/A Special:WhatLinksHere/Epomophorini
Equus lenensis (Russ) Lena horse N/A
Genet letabae unknown Genet (animal)
Haplodontheriinae (subfamily of notoungulate) N/A Paratrigodon
Harpyionycterinae (subfamily of megabat) N/A hammer-headed bat
Hyperoxotodon N/A Toxodon
Idiopathic head tremor in dogs N/A N/A
Kinkalow N/A Munchkin cat
Kollpaniinae N/A South American native ungulates
Manidае sp. (DPC 3972 & DPC 4364) Fayum pangolin Template:Pholidota
Manis hungarica Template:Pholidota
Manis lydekkeri Lydekker's pangolin Template:Pholidota
Manis pentadactyla aurita Template:Pholidota
Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla Taiwanese pangolin
Formosan pangolin
Manis pentadactyla pusilla Template:Pholidota
Myonycterini (tribe) N/A Special:WhatLinksHere/Myonycterini
Nanictidops N/A Baurioidea
Nanictocephalus N/A Baurioidea, Perplexisaurus
Nanictosuchus N/A Baurioidea, Perplexisaurus
Niparajacetus N/A List of extinct cetaceans
Notonychopidae N/A South American native ungulates
Notopterna N/A South American native ungulates
Nyctereutes procyonoides ussuriensis Ussuri raccoon dog Raccoon dog#Subspecies
Nyctimeninae (subfamily of megabat) N/A hammer-headed bat
Ocnerotherium N/A Toxodon
Pampahippus N/A Toxodon
Panameriungulata N/A South American native ungulates
Pholidota sp. (BC 16’08) Template:Pholidota
Posnanskytherium N/A Toxodon
Protolipternidae N/A South American native ungulates
Rousettus (subgenus) N/A Special:WhatLinksHere/Rousettus_(subgenus)
Scalopognathus N/A Baurioidea, Perplexisaurus
Scaloporhinus N/A Baurioidea, Perplexisaurus
Scaloposuchus N/A Baurioidea, Perplexisaurus
Scottish Kilts N/A Munchkin cat
Scotonycterini (tribe) N/A Special:WhatLinksHere/Scotonycterini
Skookum (cat) N/A Munchkin cat, Skookum (disambiguation)
Submyotodon caliginosus N/A Lazarus taxon
Submyotodon petersbuchensis N/A Lazarus taxon
Trigonostylopoidae N/A South American native ungulates
Tupelocetus N/A list of extinct cetaceans
Tursiops truncatus truncatus common bottlenose dolphin
Hegardt or Stroebel's horse Tarpan


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In alphabetical order:

Scientific Name Common Name Known Sources Redirect
Acanthobothroides Brooks, 1977
Parasitic worms of the class Actinomyxidia
Amphilimna intersepultosetme
List of organisms named after famous people (born 1950–present)
Belgrandiella boetersi
List of extinct animals of Europe
Bulimulus slevini
Joseph Richard Slevin#Eponymous taxa, Bulimulus
Callitetrarhynchus blochii Winghead shark
Caryophyllaeus laticeps (species) Eucestoda
Choanataenia (genus) Eucestoda
Davainea proglottina (species) Eucestoda
Dinobdella ferox
Dipylidiinae Joyeuxiella
Echinococcus multilocaris (Echinococcus multilocularis?) (species) Eucestoda
Eurytrema pancreaticum ()
Fissiculata (order of blastoids) N/A blastoid
Folliculovarium mediterraneum Mediterranean moray
Glaridacris catostomi (species) Eucestoda
Heteronybelinia heteromorphi Winghead shark
Hymenoleptis diminuta (species) Eucestoda
Hymenoleptis (genus) Eucestoda
Hymenoleptis carioca (species) Eucestoda
Hysterothylacium ganeshi Winghead shark
Joyeuxiella echinorhynchoides (de) Joyeuxiella
Joyeuxiella pasqualei (de) Pasquale's flatworm Joyeuxiella
Joyeuxiella rossicum Joyeuxiella
Lecithochirium grandiporum Mediterranean moray
Mahasena (genus)
Malo bella Irukandji jellyfish
Macurdablastus N/A blastoid
Mesocestoides leptothylacus (species) Eucestoda
Moniezia expans (species) Eucestoda
Olpium and Olpium slevini
Pseudoscorpion Joseph Richard Slevin#Eponymous taxa
Otobothrium carcharidis Winghead shark
Otobothrium mugilis Winghead shark
Peromedusae (Unknown)
Phoreiobothrium puriensis Winghead shark
Phyllobothrium (genus) Eucestoda
Phyllobothrium blochii Winghead shark
Proteocephalus ambloplites (species) Eucestoda
Pseudanisakis Winghead shark
Raphidascaroides blochii winghead shark
Rhinobothrium (genus) Eucestoda
Rodentoleptis_nana (species) Eucestoda
Sepia rugulosa cuttlebone
Simsia (annelid) (genus) N/A Simsia
Spirometra erinacea euopaei (species) Eucestoda
Taenia multiceps (species) Eucestoda
Terranova (genus) winghead shark
Trachomedusae (Sub-order)
Sub-order of Trachylina
Trocus (genus) Trocus (also see mention in Moro movement)
Uropodia Odoiporus longicollis
Unclassified? (Ferrea?) Picasso Sponge "A species new to science" (2006); see also [1] [2] [3]
Xylocaris maculipennis ()
Zoogonus lasius () Trematode


taxonomic rank Scientific Name Comments
clade Notochordata
genus Melitea synonym of Melitaea, but listed as preoccupied
Mabe pearl
Blobicusgorgium () - moth genus
Proarticulata (Phylum) Archaeaspinus Fedonkini
PHYLUM Hemichordata, FAMILY Dicranograptidae, GENUS Dicranograptus Dicranograptus Ziczac

PHYLUM Hemichordata, FAMILY Anisograptidae, GENUS Adelograptus Adelograptus Divergens