Wikipedia:Project Gutenberg author list/At risk

We did not begin tracking minimal stubs until 2008, after nearly 3000 PG links had already been added, so some of those earlier articles may also be minimal stubs. If you find one, please add it here. we added "orphans" in 2011. If you find an article that is as risk of deletion as an orphan, add it to the orphan list.

Minimal StubsEdit

The following are WP articles about PG authors, but the articles are minimal, without sufficient references and little or no assertion of notability. Please improve the articles if you can. Remove bluelinks only if the article improves. Leave redlinks here so we have a way to track the number of deletions. Do not create additional minimal stubs unless there is a compelling reason: this list is here to track the well-meaning but inadequate efforts of other editors. It is not intended to promote the creation of these articles.

  1. Omar bey Al-Raschid
  2. John Mather Austin
  3. Clarisse Bader
  4. Ralph Henry Barbour
  5. Joel Benton
  6. George Randolph Chester
  7. William Wistar Comfort
  8. Richard B. Cook
  9. May Edginton
  10. Frank Heller
  11. Ed Howdershelt (self-published vanity author, not notable enough for a WP article.)
  12. Antonia Isola
  13. Grenville Kleiser
  14. William Starr Myers
  15. Gertrude Page
  16. Dewitt H. Parker
  17. Lucien Poincare
  18. Louise Clarke Pyrnelle
  19. Carel Scharten
  20. Ernest Alfred Vizetelly
  21. James P. Wade
  22. Louis Constant Wairy
  23. Frank V. Webster