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The current page is at Wikipedia:Press coverage 2019.

This set of pages lists press coverage of Wikipedia that mentions or discusses Wikipedia as a project – that is, any aspect of Wikipedia overall, such as its structure, success, information, goals, history, or views on Wikipedia in general, and so on.

Articles that reference Wikipedia content but which do not discuss the project itself should be recorded at Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source. The template {{press}} may also be used to document mention of specific articles on their talk page. Great quotes from articles that enhance the reputation of Wikipedia should be included in our Trophy box.

Note: If there are errors in a news article, then please post the matter to the Wikimedia Communications Committee's talk page. This way, the Wikimedia Foundation can send an official letter to the editor, or request for a correction.

Searching for discussion of Wikipedia onlineEdit

The easiest way to search is to subscribe to a realtime Google Alert or Yahoo! News Alert for "Wikipedia."

Alternatively perform a search for "Wikipedia" on -

How to add entries to the pageEdit

The current page is at Wikipedia:Press coverage 2019.

If you add an article, cite both the title and the source. Note that if you're listing an article from a traditional press wire service that ran in your local newspaper, it may not have the same title everywhere; be cautious about duplicates.

Add your entry to the end of the page, using Template:Cite news. The template, with the most commonly used parameters, is:

  • {{cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |coauthors= |title= |url= |work= |publisher= Example News |date= |accessdate=2019-09-18 }}
  • : "Relevant/representative quote here."

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