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This page lists books which have discussed Wikipedia.


  • Kerstin Kallass, Schreiben in der Wikipedia: Prozesse und Produkte gemeinschaftlicher Textgenese, Springer-Verlag, 2015, ISBN 3658082658
  • (in French) Lionel Barbe (dir.), Louis Merzeau (dir.) and Valérie Schafer (dir.), Wikipédia, objet scientifique non identifié, Presses Universitaires de Paris-Ouest, 2015, ISBN 978-2-84016-205-6



  • Erfolgsfaktoren von Social Media: Wie "funktionieren" Wikis? Eine vergleichende Analyse kollaborativer Kommunikationssysteme im Internet, in Organisationen und in Gruppen. by Florian L. Mayer (Dissertation in Communication Science, University of Bamberg. Lit Verlag: 2013. ISBN 978-3-643-12210-0.
  • Rogers, Richard A. (2013). "Wikipedia as Cultural Reference". Digital methods. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London: The MIT Press. pp. 165–202. ISBN 9780262018838. 


  • Elst, Koenraad (2012). "Meera Nanda against Hinduism and its friends.". The Argumentative Hindu: Essays by Non-affiliated Orientalist. Aditya Prakashan. ISBN 8177421247. 


  • The Wikimedia Foundation and the Governance of Wikipedia's Infrastructure: Historical Trajectories and its Hybrid Character. Book Chapter by Mayo Fuster Morell. In Lovink, G., Tkacz, N. & Roberts, I. (eds). Critical Point of View Reader. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2011.
  • Participacion en communidades online y democracia radical. Capítulo de libro por Mayo Fuster Morell. En A. Calle, Democracia Radical. Entre vínculos y utopías. Barcelona: Icaria Editorial.
  • History Year by Year. United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley. 2011-10-03. ISBN 9781405367127. Wikipedia's launch is the first event of the third millennium mentioned.


  • Sequoia Children by Gon Ben-Ari (Or Yehuda: Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, Dvir, 2010; in Hebrew - ילדי הסקויה). This science fiction novel mentions characters reading and editing Wikipedia and Wikiquote several times.



"Pepper thumbed a Google search on her BlackBerry with her other hand. NSF Thurmont. The first match came up: "Camp David-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.""
  • Axel Bruns, Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and beyond : from production to produsage, Peter Lang, 2008, ISBN 0820488674


Wikipédia - Guia de Consulta e edição by Eduardo Pinheiro ISBN 978-989-615-037-2 (in Portuguese)

Wikihistory, a short science fiction story by Desmond Warzel. Published in Abyss and Apex, 4th Quarter 2007, Book print: 'The Best of Abyss & Apex Volume One, 2009, ISBN 978-0-9819243-0-4

  • As Cory Doctorow characterizes it at Boing Boing, "a series of messages posted to a time-travellers' forum -- it's basically a Wikipedia edit war, where the old hands have to keep on slapping down the n00bs for killing Hitler" [2]


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  • Europe at War 1939–1945: No Simple Victory by Norman Davies mentions Wikipedia in Chapter 6 (Portrayals), page 460/461 with the words: [A]nd there is Wikipedia, the self-regulating Internet encyclopedia, to which anyone can contribute. Professional historians tend to distrust such websites. The Web they say, is dangerous. It is full of dubious statements and manifest errors. So, too, one might add, is every other source of historical information.

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  • ^ Wikihistory: sf story about the revert-wars among time-travellers -- 'everybody kills Hitler on their first trip'