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MTC! version 1.1.0 on macOS
MTC! version 1.1.0 on macOS
Original author(s)Fastily
Initial releaseJune 22, 2016; 3 years ago (2016-06-22)
Stable release
1.1.0 / September 23, 2017; 22 months ago (2017-09-23)
Written inJava
Operating systemWindows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.7 and later, Linux, Solaris
PlatformJava SE
TypeWikipedia editing tool

MTC!, short for "Move to Commons!", is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies and streamlines the transferring of files to Commons. MTC! includes mass-transfer options and a built-in file filter which skips non-free and other Commons-ineligible files.


How it worksEdit

  1. Submit - You, the user, will submit a File name, Username, Category, or Template to the App. Refer to #Transfer Modes for details.
  2. Fetch - MTC! fetches file(s) matching your query.
  3. Filter - MTC! will intelligently filter out non-free, Commons-ineligible files from the query, and files nominated for deletion from your query.
  4. Transfer - MTC! will download each file, generate a Commons file description page for each file, and upload the file to Commons.
  5. Finish - MTC! will flag each local Wikipedia file for administrator review upon a successful transfer.

  Warning: Generated file description pages are approximate, so be sure to tidy up each file on Commons after transferring!

How do I get MTC!?Edit

Step 1: Check RequirementsEdit

MTC! requires the Java platform. For best results, please update your Java installation to the most recent version, here.

  • If you are using Linux, install the OpenJDK (openjdk-8-jre) and JavaFX (openjfx) packages.

Step 2: DownloadEdit

Click here to download MTC!. MTC! is a self-contained App, no installation is necessary.

Step 3: RunEdit

All users (Mac, Windows, and Linux) should be able to start the tool by double clicking its icon. If you are asked to choose a program to start this tool with, please select Java.

User ManualEdit


The MTC! Login Screen

You will need to login with your username and password (or bot password) for Wikipedia before you can use MTC!. Any edits the App makes on your behalf, on Wikipedia and on Commons, will be done using your account.

Transfer ModesEdit

  •   — Transfers a single file to Commons.
  •   — Transfers all of a user's uploads to Commons.
  •   — Transfers all files in a Category to Commons.
  •   — Transfers all files transcluding a template to Commons.
  •   — Transfers all thumbnailed files linked on a page. Useful if you have prepared a userpage linking files to transfer.
  •   — Transfers all linked files on a page. Useful if you have prepared a userpage linking files to transfer.

  Warning: When transferring multiple files in batch mode, be sure to review each file before transfer; fix license details and flag copyright violations so MTC! can skip over them using the smart filter. This is an automated process, so you will not be able to perform reviews while the tool is performing transfers!


This field allows you to automatically add a category (or categories) to each file you transfer. Leave this field blank to not add any categories. You can add more than one category by separating categories with a semicolon (;). For example, to add categories Category:Test and Category:Help, type Test;Help into the Category field.


  •   — Starts the requested transfer. Turns into the Cancel button when the transfer starts.
  •   — Cancels a running transfer. Turns into the Start button when the transfer is complete.
File Menu


  • Exit — Quits the App
Options Menu


  • Disable Smart Filter — Checking this box will disable the built-in filter which causes MTC! to ignore files which are potentially ineligible for Commons (e.g. non-free content, files nominated for deletion, files not PD in US, etc.)
  • Add maintenance category — Checking this box will automatically add the category, Category:Files uploaded by <YOUR_USERNAME> with MTC! (check needed), to each transferred file
  • Delete on Transfer — Checking this box will delete the file upon successful transfer. This option is only available to Administrators.


MTC! will save files it downloads to a folder named mtcfiles. You may delete/move the folder once you quit the App, but please do not modify the contents of the folder when the App is running.

Smart Filter NotesEdit

The Smart Filter uses a liberal Blacklist and conservative Whitelist to guess whether a file is eligible for Commons. Although there will be false positives, this list should stop most ineligible files from accidental transfer. The Smart Filter only allows files which contain at least one whitelist category and no blacklisted categories. If you are certain the file you are transferring is acceptable for Commons, then check the box to disable the Smart Filter.


Q: Why is MTC! refusing to transfer a file?

A: The file is probably being stopped by the Smart Filter. You can check the box to disable the Smart Filter if you are sure that the file is acceptable for Commons

Q: What login methods does MTC! support?

A: You may use your usual Wikipedia username and password or BotPasswords. If you have 2FA enabled, then you will have to use BotPasswords, as MTC! does not support OAuth. Alternatively, you can always create a new account specifically for use with MTC!.

Q: Does MTC! automatically transfer old revisions of files?

A: Not currently. This is also automatically carried out by OgreBot.

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