Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/archiving

FAC closingEdit

The decision to close a FAC is made by one of the FAC coordinators: Ian Rose, Gog the Mild, Buidhe, or Hog Farm. They indicate this decision by removing the nomination page from the featured article candidates page, and adding it to either:

  1. archived nominations, for articles that are not promoted, or
  2. featured logs and the featured articles page, for articles that are promoted to featured status.

A bot periodically processes closed nominations by adding archive tags to the nomination page, updating the article talk page, and adding the featured article star if appropriate. The bot does not promote or fail nominations; it merely updates the relevant pages after the featured article coordinators promote or archive nominations.

Bot processing should happen within 24 hours. Please do not modify the {{featured article candidates}} and {{articlehistory}} templates yourself, as that will stall the bot and cause additional work. If the article has been promoted, you can add the featured article star by adding {{featured article}} to the bottom of the article.

FAR closingEdit

Similarly, the decision to close a FAR is made by one of the the featured article review coordinators—Nikkimaria, DrKay, or Casliber. They indicate this decision by removing the nomination page from the Featured article review page, and adding it to the featured article review archive. Editors will know if the article was kept or delisted by checking the archive; the {{featured article review}} template should remain in place until the bot processes the close.