Wen Wu Ding or Wen Ding (Chinese: 文武丁 / 文丁), personal name Zǐ Tuō, was a king of the Shang dynasty of Ancient China. His reign was from 1116 to 1106 BC.[1]

Wen Wu Ding
Reign1116–1106 BC
PredecessorWu Yi
SuccessorDi Yi
Died1106 BC
IssueDi Yi
Bi Gan


According to Bamboo Annals, his capital was at Yin (殷) or Zimou.[2]

In the second year of his reign, his vassal Jili of Zhou attacked the Yanjing Rong (燕京戎), but they defeated him.[3]

During his third year, the Huan River (洹水) dried up.

In his fourth year, Jili attacked the Yuwu Rong (余无戎) and was victorious, making Yuwu into a Zhou client.

In his seventh year, Jili attacked the Hu Rong (呼戎) and was again victorious.

Several years later, Jili defeated the Xitu Rong (翳徒戎) and captured three of their generals. Worried that Zhou was growing too powerful, Wen Ding sent Jili to a city called Saiku (塞库) and had him assassinated there.


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Wen Wu Ding
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of China
c. 1116 BC – c. 1106 BC
Succeeded by