Di Yi (Chinese: 帝乙), personal name Zǐ Xiàn, was a king of the Shang dynasty of China from 1101 BC to 1076 BC. His capital was at Yin.

Di Yi
King of Shang dynasty
Reign1101 - 1076 BC
PredecessorWen Ding
SuccessorKing Zhou of Shang
Died1076 BC
IssueWeizi of Song (宋微子)
Weizhong of Song (宋微仲)
Di Xin
FatherWen Ding

According to the Bamboo Annals, on the third year of his reign, he ordered Nanzhong to fight Kun Barbarians and built Shuofang (朔方, roughly modern Ordos in Inner Mongolia) in the middle of Kun territory after winning a battle. He also fought the Renfang (see the Dongyi),[1]

The king was the older brother of Jizi and Bigan. It is commonly accepted that he was an ancestor of Confucius.



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Di Yi
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Wen Wu Ding
King of China
c. 1101 BC – c. 1076 BC
Succeeded by
Di Xin