The Waycross Moguls were a minor league baseball team, based in Waycross, Georgia as a representative of the Florida–Alabama–Georgia League in 1915. However the team originated in 1906 as the Waycross Machinists of the Georgia State League for one season. Waycross' minor league baseball team was then revived in 1913 as the Waycross Blowhards of the Empire State League. In 1914 they were known as the Waycross Grasshoppers before changing their name to the Moguls during the season.

Waycross Moguls
Minor league affiliations
Previous classesClass D
LeagueFlorida–Alabama–Georgia League (1915)
Previous leagues
Team data
Previous names
  • Waycross Moguls (1914–1915)
  • Waycross Grasshoppers (1914)
  • Waycross Blowhards (1913)
  • Waycross Machinists (1906)

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