Georgia State League

The Georgia State League was an American Class D minor league in professional baseball that existed in 1906, 1914, 1920–1921 and 1948–1956. During its last incarnation, it existed alongside two nearby Class D circuits, the Georgia–Florida League and the Georgia–Alabama League.

Georgia State League
ClassificationClass D (1906, 1914, 1920–1921 and 1948–1956)
SportMinor League Baseball
Inaugural season1906; 117 years ago (1906)
Ceased1956; 67 years ago (1956)
Replaced byFlorida–Alabama–Georgia League
PresidentJ. W. Thomas(1906)
I. J. Kalmon (1914)
J. P. Nichols, Jr. (1920)
H. P. Meikleham (1921)
Joseph W. Matt, Jr. (1948–1949)
Earl Blue (1950)
J.T. Morris (1951)
Bill Estroff (1952–1954)
W. H. Lovett (1955)
Oswald Hadden (1956)
No. of teams28
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles2
Vidalia Indians
Douglas Trojans/Douglas Reds
Georgia–Florida League
Georgia–Alabama League

The 1906 version of the league began with six teams, but two clubs were forced to disband and a third to relocate before the league folded on July 9. Then, in 1914 the Empire State League based in Georgia renamed itself Georgia State League. The six-team 1914 league played a full schedule and crowned a champion, the Americus Muckalees. But the resurgence of the league did not even last two years. The circuit started 1915 as the Georgia State League and was renamed the Florida–Alabama–Georgia League (the "FLAG League"), which operated in the state of Florida, on June 15.

After World War I, the league—again featuring half a dozen member clubs—was revived for two full campaigns. In 1920, it was dominated by legendary minor league slugger Ike Boone, who batted .403 and led the GSL in hits, runs and home runs.

The Georgia State League revived in 1948 during the post-World War II boom in minor league baseball. It expanded from six to eight teams in 1949, and by 1952 had begun to attract working agreements with Major League Baseball farm systems. But as the low minors began to experience falling attendance during the 1950s, the GSL began to suffer. Its Statesboro Pilots club disbanded on July 1, 1955, leaving the league with only five teams. The 1956 Georgia State League began and finished the season with a full complement of six teams, but the league did not answer the bell for 1957.

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