Water Boyy

Water Boyy is a 2015 Thai LGBT drama film directed by Rachi Kusonkusiri and starring Ngern Luangsodsai Anupart as "Nam", and Beam Papangkorn as "Meuk". It was filmed primarily in Thailand.

Water Boyy
Waterboyy movie poster.jpg
Theatrical movie poster
Directed byRachi Kusonkusiri
StarringLuangsodsai Anupart
Nappon Gomarachun
Beam Papangkorn
Distributed byHandmade Distributors
Release date
October 22, 2015 (Thailand)
Running time
1 hour 53 minutes

In early March, it was revealed that there will be a remake named: Water Boyy: The Series with different actors. New characters are added including Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as "Waii" and New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun as "Apo". It started airing on April 9, 2017.


At Ocean High School in Hua Hin District, Nam (Luangsodsai Anupart) is a swimmer who does well despite a lack of training. He is popular on campus and has many girlfriends, inspiring envy among his peers, and also has a love of pornography which he needs to watch to sleep. However, his relationship with his father, swimming coach Neung (Nappon Gomarachun), is strained. Nine (Ausavaterakul Ausavapat), does Nam's homework and tutors him so Nam can teach him how to swim. Another swimmer, Muek (Beam Prapangkorn), becomes Nam's roommate. After Muek moves in, Nam is less interested in watching pornography. However, Muek has a girlfriend, Nune (Kitwiriya Natcharee), an actress, who shows up for the Super League Swimming Competition at Changmai. This turns out to be a competition for love. But during the process the two boys find themselves falling in love with each other.


Character Portrayed by Remarks
Nam Luangsodsai Anupart Student of Ocean High School
Grade 12 student
Likes Nune
Meuk's love interest and later boyfriend
Addicted to pornography and later quit
Nine's love interest
Neung's son
Talay's elder brother
Disliked Karn
Likes watching soap opera
Has phobia of taking planes
Meuk's roommate in both Hua Hin and University
Friends with Champ, King, Moddam, Bo, Bee, Pleum, Yak and Nerd Moowan.
Meuk Beam Papangkorn Student of Ocean High School
Grade 12 student
Nune's boyfriend and later ex-boyfriend
Nam's love interest and later boyfriend
Nine's love rival
From Chiangmai, Thailand
Champion of the Super Youth Swimming League
Nam's roommate in both Hua Hin and University
Friends with Champ, King, Moddam, Bo, Bee, Pleum, Yak and Nerd Moowan.
Nune Kitwiriya Natcharee Rising actress
Meuk's girlfriend and later ex-girlfriend
Played as Jessica in the soap opera that Nam watches
Neung/Coach Nappon Gomarachun Swim coach of Ocean High School
Nam, Meuk, Champ, King, Moddam, Bo, Bee, Pleum, Yak and Nerd Moowan teacher
Karn's lover and later ex lover
Nam's and Talay's father
Nine Ausavaterakul Ausavapat Student of Ocean High School
Grade 10 student
Achieved Silver in International Olympic Exam
Does not know how to swim, wanted Nam to coach him in exchange for his love and doing Nam's homework
Likes Nam
Meuk's love rival
Karn Most Witsarut Neung's lover and later ex lover
YouTube celebrity


Here are the songs in this movie:

Track listingEdit

1."Home Made" (Album: Age of Innocence)Thomas Greenberg 
2."Shake [สั่น]"Sompob Pokepoon/Boy Sompob 
3."Some Words [คำบางคำ]"Sqweez Animal 
4."My World Has Only You [โลกฉันมีแค่เธอ]"Kongyingyong Chonlathorn/Captain Chonlathorn 
5."Midnight Sun [พระอาทิตย์เที่ยงคืน]"Sompob Pokepoon/Boy Sompob 
6."Never Far Apart [ไม่เคยจะห่างกัน]"Win Siriwong 


The film represented a comeback for actor Nappon Gomarachun, who last worked in the film industry five years ago. He said that Director Rachi Kusonkusiri wanted to make the film, and it reflects how common disagreements between parents and children in Thailand were.[1]


The film was released on 22 October 2015.[2] Madame Aung Tour, writer for Thai Rath, said that while the title Water Boyy created the impression that the film is about swimming, it is more about a father-son relationship and also a love story. She recommended the film for its atmosphere.[3] Coconuts Bangkok stated that without the LGBT theme, the film would be a generic love story.[4]


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