Kom Chad Luek

Kom Chad Luek (Thai: คมชัดลึก, RTGSKhom Chat Luek, pronounced [kʰōm tɕʰát lɯ́k], lit.''sharp, clear, deep'') is a mass-circulation Thai-language daily newspaper launched in 2001 and published in Bangkok, Thailand, by the Nation Multimedia Group. Its circulation is in the 500,000–600,000 range.[1] Its circulation is 900,000.[2]

Kom Chad Luek
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Kom Chad Luek became the target of mass protests after it printed an article on 24 March 2006 that omitted part of a quote by anti-government protest leader Sondhi Limthongkul, with the misquote suggesting Sondhi wanted King Bhumibol Adulyadej to abdicate, which was viewed as an insult to the king, or lèse majesté, which is a crime in Thailand. The paper published a front-page apology on 30 March, begging forgiveness from the king. Protests in front of the newspaper's offices continued however. The paper's editor, Korkhet Chantalertlak, resigned in a show of responsibility, the chief news editor was reassigned, and the paper said it would suspend publication for a total of five days, from 31 March to 2 April and on 8–9 April.[3][4]

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