Warrgamay language

Warrgamay is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language of northeast Queensland. It was closely related to Dyirbal.

Native toAustralia
RegionNortheast Queensland
EthnicityWarakamai, Biyaygiri
Extinct(3 speakers in 1981)
  • Warrgamay
  • Biyay (Biyaygiri) 1[1]
  • Biyay 2[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3wgy

It is also known as Waragamai, Wargamay, Wargamaygan, Biyay, and Warakamai. The language region includes the Herbert River area, Ingham, Hawkins Creek, Long Pocket, Herbert Vale, Niagara Vale, Yamanic Creek, Herbert Gorge, Cardwell, Hinchinbrook Island and the adjacent mainland.[3]


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