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Warren Easton Charter High School is a secondary school in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Warren Easton Charter Foundation governs the school, which is chartered by New Orleans Public Schools. Prior to 2005 the school was directly under the authority of the school district. The school was named after Warren Easton, the first Supervisor of Education of the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.[1]

The school was founded in 1843 as Boys High School. It was the first high school in the State of Louisiana and as a public school was formed to educate the working class population of the city of New Orleans. By 1855 the school had expanded to four locations. After the Civil War in 1867 the four Boys High Schools were merged into Consolidated Boys High School.[citation needed]

In 1911 the Orleans Parish School Board bought property for a new high school, and construction began during that year. The school received its name in 1911. The principal administrator and the faculty moved into 3019 Canal Street in 1913. The school was originally an all-boys school. In 1952 the school became coeducational. In 1967 Easton was racially integrated. The school became a fundamental magnet school in 1977.[1] In 2005, as Hurricane Katrina was about to hit, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) designated Easton as a place where people could receive transportation to the Louisiana Superdome, a shelter of last resort.[2] After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the school was closed for one year. In 2006 the school re-opened as a charter school.[1] The now, predominantly black, school has had many changes.

In 2007, actress Sandra Bullock adopted the school and got involved. Bullock contributed thousands of dollars to the school and also helped to build an on-campus health clinic.[3]



In the 1930s the school hosted German language classes for adults.[4]

Chinese and Spanish are offered to students as a foreign language as of 2015.

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