Warlord (hardcore band)

Warlord was a Christian metal that formed in 1997. The band's sound was described as "doom hardcore", a mix between Doom metal and hardcore punk.[2] The band was signed to Solid State Records during their brief existence.[1] Before disbanding, the band did a tour with fellow Solid State band, Training for Utopia.[4] The band has a compilation coming out, to help drummer Timothy Henderson with his health problems.[5] The compilation has a new song and an unreleased track from Rock the Foe Hammer.[5]

OriginPortland, Oregon, U.S.
GenresChristian metal,[1] doom metal,[2] hardcore punk,[2] doom hardcore,[2] doomcore[3]
Years active1997-1999, 2015
LabelsSolid State
Associated actsMr. Bishop's Fist, Roadside Monument, Catechumen, Fuse of Ire
Past membersRicky Rodgers
Brian Fletcher
Phil Smith
Tim Henderson

In their tenure, the band released an EP, titled Warlord, and a debut album Rock the Foe Hammer, both of which came out through Solid State.[6]


Last known line-up

  • Ricky Rodgers – vocals, lead guitar (1997–1999, 2015) (formerly of Fuse of Ire and Catechuman)
  • Phil Smith – bass (1998–1999, 2015) (World Against World)
  • Timothy Henderson – drums, backing vocals (1997–1999, 2015) (formerly of Mr. Bishop's Fist and Catechuman)

Fill-in musicians[5]

  • Jonathan Ford – bass, backing vocals (1997–1998) (formerly of Roadside Monument, Catechuman and Mr. Bishop's Fist)


  • Brian Fletchner – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1997–1998) (Pilgrims, AAPOAA)




  • Warlord (1997; Solid State)[2]

Studio album

Compilation appearances

  • "Set Sail to the Kingdom" on We Bear the Scars (2017)


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