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Bomberman GB[a] is a video game for the Game Boy created by Hudson Soft. It was released on August 10, 1994 in Japan and later in 1994 in North America, and in 1995 in Europe under the name Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!, and later succeeded by Bomberman GB 2 and Bomberman GB 3.

Bomberman GB
Bomberman GB cover art.jpg
Japanese cover art
Developer(s)Hudson Soft
Director(s)Norio Ohkubo
Producer(s)Norihito Miyamoto
Designer(s)Norio Ohkubo
Katsuhiko Urabe
Hiroji Kiyotake
Yoshimitsu Chokki
Programmer(s)Kenji Ogata
Artist(s)Shoji Mizuno
Composer(s)Yasuhiko Fukuda
Platform(s)Game Boy
  • JP: August 10, 1994
  • NA: November 1994
  • PAL: June 29, 1995
Genre(s)Action, maze


In Bomberman GB, White Bomberman is out riding on his motorcycle, when he is suddenly ambushed by Black Bomberman and his gang, who rough him up and steal all of his power-up items. Now White Bomberman must chase them down to get them back!

In Wario Blast, Wario one day stumbles upon Bomberman's world, and, being the greedy sort he is, decides to loot it for his own gain. Bomberman is the only one that stands between Wario and the complete decimation of his world.

Every stage is viewed from an overhead perspective. The objective of the game is to blow up enemies to move on to the next stage. Gray walls can be blown up as well. Certain gray walls contain power-ups (which increase the power of explosions, or the number of bombs that can be set) and locate enemies. In Wario Blast, the player can play as either Wario or Bomberman, but this only changes the enemies from Black Bombermen to Wario clones, and back.

The game was enhanced for play on the SNES through the Super Game Boy device. The enhanced game offered color graphics, custom explosion sounds, a multiplayer mode which allowed for simultaneous gameplay between up to four opponents, and in Wario Blast a special Wario & Bomberman frame around the TV screen. The game uses a password system to save progress, where the passwords for Wario are the same as for Bomberman, but written backwards.


GamePro criticized the game's graphics and difficult controls, but judged the game overall enjoyable due to its classic Bomberman elements, summarizing that "A legendary concept gets a great Nintendo treatment."[1] Nintendo Power commented that the game was "great multi-player action." with "good use of Super Game Boy colors and music." and that the game had "larger areas than in previous Bomberman games."[2] The reviews commented on the graphics stating it was "difficult to recognize your character" and that more characters would have helped.[2]


There are two sequels that have released: Bomberman GB 2 and Bomberman GB 3.

Bomberman GB 2
North American cover art
Developer(s)A.I Co., Ltd.
Director(s)Tomohisa Goi
Producer(s)Norihito Miyamoto
Designer(s)Yuko Chikuda
Programmer(s)Tomonari Ikeda
Artist(s)Shoji Mizuno
Naoto Yoshimi
Composer(s)Yasuhiko Fukuda
Platform(s)Game Boy

Bomberman GB 2[b] is the second Bomberman GB game. It was released in Japan in 1995. It was released in North America and Europe in 1998 by Nintendo as Bomberman GB due to the previous game being released under the title Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!.

A Bomberman named Indy Bomber sets out on a long journey to uncover a legendary treasure called the Ring of Wishes. He discovers a scripture and begins reading it, but soon falls into a trap in the floor and ends up in a cave. Now he must find hs way out of the cave and find the Ring of Wishes!

In single player, the main objective is to defeat the enemies that lurk in the cave and find the exit when done. There are two modes that can be selected before each new stage; Mode A, which requires the player to simply destroy all the enemies, and Mode B, which requires the player to defeat the enemies in a certain order. When an area is cleared, the player earns a new ability to help them in later levels.

The game supports up to four players through use of the Game Link Cable and Super Multitap (if used on a Super Game Boy).[4]

Bomberman Collection (GB) is a Japanese only compilation released on July 21, 1996 which included the following titles: Bomber Boy (Released as Atomic Punk in North American and as Dynablaster in PAL regions), Bomberman GB 2 and Bomberman GB 3


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