Warad-Sin (𒀴𒀭𒂗𒍪, ARAD-Dsuen) ruled the ancient Near East city-state of Larsa from 1770 BC to 1758 BC (short chronology). There are indications that his father Kudur-Mabuk was co-regent or at very least the power behind the throne. His sister En-ane-du was high priestess of the moon god in Ur.[1][2][3]

Warad-Sin, king of Larsa
Foundation tablet of the temple of Ninsun dedicated by Warad-Sin, Louvre Museum

Annals survive for his complete 12-year reign. He recorded that in his second year as king, he destroyed the walls of Kazallu, and defeated the army of Mutibal that had occupied Larsa.

He was succeeded as king of Larsa by his brother Rim-Sin I.


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