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Wanimagazine Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社ワニマガジン社, Hepburn: Kabushiki Gaisha Wani Magajin-sha) is a Japanese publisher founded on September 10, 1971[1] and based in Shinjuku, Tokyo which specializes in hentai manga magazines. [2]

Wanimagazine Co., Ltd.
Wanimagazine logo.png
FoundedSeptember 10, 1971
Country of originJapan
Headquarters location〒160-8580
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Publication typesManga magazines, other magazines
Official websitewww.wani.com

Comic KairakutenEdit

Comic Kairakuten (Japanese: COMIC快楽天), published by WANIMAGAZINE CO., LTD, Is Japan’s biggest selling Ero (hentai) manga monthly magazine. First published in Japan in 1995 Comic Kairakuten started as a monthly comic which contained some hentai manga alongside other genres but slowly evolved into a magazine which consisted predominantly of hentai manga.

Comic Kairakuten is currently available to purchase in Japanese convenience stores and digital versions of the magazine became available in 2014. Comic Kairakuten is published on the 29th of the month unless the 29th is a Sunday or a Public Holiday in which case it may be published between the 27th to the 30th of the month.

Notable ContributorsEdit

Over the years it has featured many famous illustrators and manga artists including, LINDA, Keito Koume, Hanaharu Naruco, Napata, Key, Michiking and Homunculus. Many of the early covers were drawn by Murata Range who still draws a monthly illustration for the magazine in his futuregraph feature.

International distributionEdit

In 2015 an English language version of Comic Kairakuten and its slightly harder spin off X-EROS began being published outside of Japan by FAKKU, the largest English-language hentai publisher in the world. They were the first monthly Ero Manga magazines to be officially published in English. The English version is released on the same day as the Japanese original also making them the first monthly Ero Manga magazines to be simupublished in another language other than Japanese.

The Japanese language version of the magazine is currently also available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia via the Ero manga magazine streaming platform Komiflo.



  • Comic Kairakuten (COMIC快楽天)[3]
  • Comic Kairakuten Beast (COMIC快楽天ビースト, Komikku Kairakuten Bīsuto)[3]
  • Comic Shitsurakuten (COMIC失楽天)[3]
  • Comic Hana-Man (COMIC華漫)[3]
  • Hana-Man Gold (華漫GOLD)[3]
  • Comic X-Eros[2]
  • Manga Pachislot Fighter (漫画パチスロファイター, Manga Pachisuro Faitā)[4]
  • Quarterly Gelatin (季刊GELATIN, Kikan Gelatin, from February 2009 to August 2011)[5][6]
  • Hime (ひめ, since August 2011)[6]
  • Wani-Bites (English-language; iBooks; since 2014)[7]


  • Chu (Chuッ)[4]
  • Chu Special (Chuッ スペシャル, Chu Supesharu)[4]
  • Yha! Hip&Lip[4]


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