Wang Yun-wu Memorial Hall

The Wang Yun-wu Memorial Hall (Chinese: 王雲五紀念館; pinyin: Wáng Yúnwǔ Jìniànguǎn) is a memorial hall in Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan, dedicated to Wang Yun-wu, the former Vice Premier of the Republic of China.[1]

Wang Yun-wu Memorial Hall
Wang Yun-wu Memorial Hall 20131130.jpg
General information
TypeMemorial hall
LocationDaan, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°01′29.6″N 121°32′07.6″E / 25.024889°N 121.535444°E / 25.024889; 121.535444Coordinates: 25°01′29.6″N 121°32′07.6″E / 25.024889°N 121.535444°E / 25.024889; 121.535444


The building is accessible within walking distance west from Technology Building Station of Taipei Metro.

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